Reincarnation Part 1: Opposing Souls of North Song and the World – Yue Fei and Lady Wang…

Yue Fei – Chinese national hero of North Song – murdered by traitors Qin Hui and Lady Wang who were never punished while alive. Teaching the world what loyalty and treason really mean and how it appears in the human world.

Shen Yun Represents the Future World


Shen Yun Performing Arts is the most prominent and successful dance company in the world.  In only a few years time they established a unique dance performance promoting traditional, divinely inspired Chinese culture. Shen Yun has disclosed countless secrets from ancient times with its mysterious dynasties. The inspiring stories from the Han and Tang dynasties in China are simply outstanding.

Mankind tends to always learn bad things from history but with Shen Yun our goal is to learn good and beautiful things while opposing evil. The beauty when combining true womanhood of ancient times with the power of true manhood of old times combine in Shen Yun to create dazzling colours and contrasts never seen before in dance performances.

 Sweden – the root of evil (and goodness)

Today we are going to continue our historic investigation of Sweden and its historic heresies. Understanding the true nature of (Sw)Eden and its relationship to the original sin of mankind is of importance to all of the world. This also explains why Sweden has a city called Falun – the only one in the world. Wherever the root of goodness is found the root of evil is also found. Naturally Gods have all pointed out Sweden giving it its unique and shameful country name which contains “Eden”. This article is written with the good intention of letting everyone learn from past, enormous mistakes in Sweden showing which endless disasters dark human hearts without human principles lead to. Master disclosed the truth about Sweden being the North Song dynasty many years ago but among practitioners the discussion about the terrifying end of the Swedish dynasty and its shocking connection to Sweden´s situation today has not been discussed in depth. Still today there are not two people more detested in Chinese history than Qin Hui and his devilish, lying wife, Lady Wang.

Youtiao is a national Chinese dish

Chinese people have eaten them deep fried on a daily basis since 1000 years when they invented the national dish of “youtiao” after the two demons Lady Wang and Qin Hui. Still today it is said that when you eat youtiao you eat the deep fried ghosts of the two chief demons of China.

Shen Yun´s dancer Alison Chen published a very enlightening story on Shen Yun´s website about these two incarnated demons with many details not commonly known. In fact these two traitors were born in the Swedish dynasty (North Song) and caused the Swedish dynasty to collapse while in addition murdering the national hero Yue Fei (our remark: Master Li´s incarnation). In all of Chinese history there have not been any more famous traitors than during the North Song dynasty with Qin Hui, Lady Wang, empress Liu Zhenzong (who framed and stole the empress son and put on the emperor´s robe) etc. To make matters even worse, as we will see in our investigation, these demons have appeared again and again in Swedish history causing disaster wherever they and their gang incarnate.










Most hated people in history: Qin Hui and Lady Wang from North Song – urinate on them, spit on them and eat them from hell.  The national dish youtiao” – also means the “oil-fried ghosts of Lady Wang and Qin Hui”


In the Shen Yun article there is extremely interesting information disclosed about Lady Wang – the woman who was instrumental in the conspiracy to kill the national hero Yue Fei in order to gain power for herself through her puppet husband. In fact she conspired to murder Yue Fei in 1142 in order to get power for herself. She had absolutely no loyalty to the Swedish dynasty (North Song) that had fed her evil spirit and Master has taught us that the real meaning of “Zhong” can be learned by studying the bravery of Yue Fei and the treason of Lady Wang and Qin Hui at the end of the North Song dynasty. They were real opposites of good and evil in history as we will soon learn.

The paramount question for Swedish people today is of course: Where is Lady Wang today? What has she done in Sweden during the last 30 years? Does anyone think it´s good things?

A few facts about Lady Wang from Shen Yun´s Website

– Lady Wang is referred to as a “she-devil” in the article on Shen Yun´s website. These are very strong words and only reminds us of the world famous traitor of Judas Iscariot being referred to as a devil in the Bible.

– Lady Wang was prepared to do anything to stay in power including killing a national hero such as Yue Fei. She had absolutely no loyalty to her country and is still today seen as an ethnic enemy of the Han Chinese. We will analyze this part later.

– Her tongue grew 3 inches out of her mouth at her death because of all her lies – disclosing her true snake nature. Remember the Garden of (Sw)Eden and the snake demon king Lilith who killed anything divine.

– She used the “poisoned fruit” to kill Yue Fei, just like the snake Lilith used the poisoned fruit in the Garden of (Sw)Eden to kill Adam and Eve (they voluntarily ate the fruits though – with the horrible intent of revolting and becoming as powerful as God).

– The inside of the fruit had a hidden message to kill Yue Fei. Notice that the surface was fine but the inside of the fruit was rotten. Remember the French prophet Nostradamus who said about the three lilies (the other two are not identified in this article) wreaking havoc in Europe while being regarded as enlightened beings with “right fruit”:

“The exit of Flora will be the cause of his death
Hatched over time in plots both old and new
Such is the fate to befall the three lilies

For their mistaken fruit and their rotten pulp”


What we see here is Nostradamus predicting that three lilies will attack the world under guise of their “right fruit”, this means that they are fake high priests or other fake spiritual people that deceive others. In Sweden there are three noble families with the name “Lillie”.

– Lady Wang along with her treacherous husband was banished from the holy temple by the sage monk Ji Gong. It´s an exact match with the snake Lilith and her puppets Adam and Eve being banished from the Garden of Eden by God.

– The monk Ji Gong would go around and try to incite the people of North Song to revolt against their devils in government. Unfortunately that didn´t happen.

– Her name “Wang” means “King” in English. Hence Lady Wang was named a female demon King by heaven. This is an exact match with the jewish demon king called Lilith (the jewish snake demon king) in the Garden of Eden.

– Lady Wang and her evil husband tortured Yue Fei for two months before creating an evil plot to murder Yue Fei and Yue Yun, Yue Fei´s son.

Some Other Intriguing Facts


Lady Wang with her primary gang of traitors in government

– Notice that there were many people in the North Song court cooperating with Lady Wang, including the judge ordering the killing of Yue Fei after receiving the fruit from Lady Wang, the politician Moqi Xie and the general Zhang Jun. Basically the whole court approved of murdering Yue Fei – proving the demonic nature of the silent members of court.

A background article about the traitor Qin Hui and his deals with the enemy Jurchens can be found here:

In fact Qin Hui gave away North Song in return for a lifetime title as Prime Minister of South Song.  Terrible but true.

– Notice that the people of North Song appealed for Yue Fei to be released just before Lady Wang went for the kill – hence Lady Wang and her supporters were enemies of the people of North Song.

– Yue Fei was also betrayed by his own wife from North Song. What was the odds of that happening 1000 years ago? And his wife left her kids and husband and ran off with another guy. Now keep in mind that the original sin of the Garden of (Sw)Eden was carried out by its treacherous women Eve and Lilith supported by the weak man called Adam. In fact Adam was judged as the lowest by the Lord because of his responsibility as a man to defend the Lord.

 – It is said in legends  that monkey King, Sun Wukong, went down to hell to torture Qin Hui terribly.

      Monkey King is said to have went down to hell to torture Qin Hui

Yue Fei – the Superhuman


Next we look at the life of superhuman Yue Fei, also the incarnation of Master. Remember, there is probably not a single dynasty in Chinese history which was ended in a more disgraceful way than the North Song dynasty. Their own government betrayed their own people and killed their own national hero who was just about to save the whole dynasty from disaster. It´s as if the government insisted on suicide for North Song rather than being saved by Yue Fei. All traded with the Jurchen enemies for the personal power of Lady Wang and Qin Hui. The sad part is that the people of North Song didn´t revolt against their own government, not even after the murder of Yue Fei. Only many years later the good emperors of South Song set everything right with the posthumous judgment of the traitors.

Yue Fei was not only a prodigial person with great talents and a great moral standard who taught Chinese people about the all important principle of “Zhong” (loyalty in Chinese) by serving his country with utmost loyalty while being murdered by despicable traitors. His own mother even tattooed this message into his back so that he should never forget the importance of loyalty. It´s actually a matter of life or death to stand up for righteousness.

Historic Facts – analysis


The people of North Song were against killing Yue Fei  but Lady Wang and her husband along with all their evil puppets in government made sure that he was killed as soon as possible when the people petitioned for him. So the people and their own government were real enemies. Lady Wang´s snake tongue grew out of her mouth at the end of her lifetime because of all her lies. Lilith, the jewish demon king in the Garden of Eden, chose to become a snake demon king and her mouth sprayed lies all over the Garden of Eden.

If Lady Wang was a Chinese jew or not we cant say for sure but take a look at the facts of North Song and its connection to Chinese jews. Kaifeng was the capital of the Chinese jews at least since North Song but rather since the Han dynasty about 2000 years back. Kaifeng was also the capital of the North Song dynasty. What is the odds for that? Also, prophecies must be fulfilled so of course Lady Wang was a Chinese jew who worshipped satan. Secondly, Lady Wang is still today said to have been an enemy of ethnic han Chinese. What does that mean? Chinese jews were of mixed race and were regarded as traitors in China already during the Tang dynasty when they were expelled from China in AD 805. Jews in China is said to have run the opium trade in 19th century causing enormous damage to China and its traditional culture.

It is said that history is repeated and nothing could be more true in the case of the barbarian country of Sweden. Nobody has taught modern Swedish people why ancient Swedes were regarded as barbarians and why they were called “Gog and Magog” in history (speaking of Qin Hui and Lady Wang being the yang and yin of the evil). Gog and Magog are prophesied to persecute the Lord of Lord´s holy troops at the end of times and that is why it´s very important to expose Swedish evil today.

In fact, the truth is too embarrassing for Swedish historians and Swedish national pride but sage Olof von Dahlin said that Swedish barbarianism originated with Swedish women who behaved like warrior men in ancient times causing other nations to look upon Swedes as world demons. He also pointed out the incarnated Swedish female king during his time – the terrifying woman called Hedvig Catharina Lillie – a snake who destroyed the morality of the Swedish nobility. Sweden became the first country who murdered their own king and destroyed their own monarchy and entered the modern era. Also, Sweden has pushed for modernism and matriarchy since ancient times. It has never supported traditional culture – the best proof of its demonic origin. The word “modern” and “mother” in Swedish is exactly the same. The mother referred to here is of course the mother snake Lilith who pushed for modern culture – which is a copy of the lifestyle of animal snakes.

Zhenwu Dadi – Lord of the Wudang Mountains

Zhenwu Dadi – Lord and warrior God of the North, also called “Black deity” speaking of Sweden´s darkness. Defeating, enslaving and separating the evil snake (woman) and tortoise(man) under his feet. The snake enslaved the tortoise. Today Zhenwu is  standing tall at the peak of Mount Wudang as the true man he was.

There is another very telling fact from North Song dynasty where Zhenwu was worshipped as their Lord after he manifested himself supernaturally in AD 1017 and AD 1116. He is also the Lord of the north speaking of Sweden being the capital of the Nordic countries. The north in traditional Chinese culture is regarded as the origin of the demonic and Chinese people were generally forbidden from worshipping the north direction in order to avoid its evil spirits. The only upright God from the North was Lord Zhenwu and he is said to be an upright warrior God that defeats and enslaves the “evil snake (woman) and its puppet tortoise (man)” from the north that wreak havoc in the world. The tortoise is a reptile just like the snake. Today there is only one Nordic region in the world and (Sw)Eden is its capital country. Meaning that everything from old times in North Song is perfectly reflected in the misery of Sweden today.

“…in Chinese cosmology, the north is regarded as the origin of the demonic…” .(Daoist Ritual, State Religion, and Popular Practices: Zhenwu Worship from Song to Ming (960–1644) by Shin-yi Chao (review)
With all this – let´s not forget that where the worst and muddiest evil exists the lotus flower (flower of compassion and truth) will grow.  Meaning that in Sweden there are a few very good people becoming ever more aware of the horrible truth of their motherland and they are ready to fight evil to ensure their own future. In the next episode we will look into the repetition of what happened in the Garden of Eden and Swedish history – where both Yue Fei and Lady Wang´s spirits appear again with the same end result.
 Part 2: Yue Fei and Gustavus III (Swedish sage King) – Twin Souls Murdered (by women) for Defending Traditional Principles