Swedish Men and Their Enchantment – A Stunning Wagner Opera…

We all know of the story when Eve came with the snake´s apple to Adam in the garden of Eden. Eve was born out of the side of Adam – a very important detail as we shall soon learn.

Bible Genesis 3:2-3:7:

2 The woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, 3 but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.’”

4 “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 5 “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (My ref: Here the snake sows discord and makes Eve distrust God and instead rely on the false promises of the snake).

6 When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. 7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.


Why did the devil tempt Eve and not Adam?

If we try to analyse this from a Falun Dafa practitioner´s perspective we must think about karma. Eve was born out of Adam and she was of yin nature – hence she had more karma than Adam. You could say that Eve was the demon nature of Adam and she was put in front of him as a test for him to overcome. At the same time, as soon as you separate yin-yang there is a new balance of yin-yang formed in both Adam and Eve. It´s just that Adam´s starting point was higher.

The devil hence approached Eve and she was easily deceived into eating the forbidden fruit. Why didn´t Adam oppose Eve? This is a big question. The reason might have been that his wisdom was impaired by the fact that she was born while he was asleep (demon nature grows when men become sleepy and passive) and because it was predestined that he had to fall down to the human world. In fact Eve was also his daughter because she was born out of his body(Adam is a mother in a sense and was originally called “Madam” according to sage Dalin). So in a way he was tempted and deceived by his own daughter and it´s not right for a father to follow his daughter simply because she hasn´t got the wisdom of her father. Eve managed to injure Adam when he didn´t say no to eating the snake´s fruits and the injury seems to be placed at Adam´s side because Eve was born out of his side.

In addition the Lord said that Adam and Eve could not have had children in the state of innocence. I believe that is because they are mother and daughter and they are not supposed to have babies together.

The story of Jesus Crucifixion and the Last Supper

When Jesus was hanging on the cross the Roman soldiers stabbed him in the side and blood and water dripped out. That is how they made sure that Jesus had really died.

The Holy Grail is the Chalice of wine during the last supper of the 12 disciples of Jesus. All his disciples drink of the wine and the wine symbolises Jesus blood that was poured out at his crucifixion when the Roman soldiers pierced his side with a spear. Since ancient times people have been looking for the Holy Grail that is recounted in many legends. If you find it you will have eternal youth and happiness it is said. Among all the Knights of the Round Table it is said that only Galahad found it because he was the only one who was worthy enough to get it.


Olof von Dalin – the Swedish Sage with Countless Eyes(Argus)

Sage Dalin calls himself  “all-seeing Argus”


Sage Olof von Dalin disclosed many heavenly secrets about Sweden and Swedish people.

– Swedish men are enslaved under their women of vices and it´s their own shame and injury. Look at the two consequences: shame and injury.

– He says that Adam´s real name is “Madam” – a lady. A lady that gave birth to Eve. Eve is his daughter and he follows her instead of God´s command. This is his shame and his injury.

– Swedish men suicided in old times when they didn´t want to live anymore. It´s a great sin to suicide.

– Swedish people are jealous of each other and that is why they can´t unite or cooperate well. The root of most of their troubles.

– Swedish people are referred to as “The castrated stallion” by Dalin meaning that their men were once manly warriors that became feminised and ashamed of themselves.

– The Swedish man has five evil children with his witch mistress(that attached herself to him against his wish according to Dalin): Fraud, Intrigue, Bankruptcy, Misery and Despair. Ugly kids all of them but healthy in a way and all they drank was “double Beer”. Double beer symbolizes something like a twisted nature.

Gustavus III – Sage King Murdered by Swedish Men Controlled by Evil Women

Gustavus III in black and red national costume

Gustavus III was a sage King who tried to raise Sweden´s traditional culture in every way conceivable. He built theatres, gardens and designed national costumes. Today Sweden is perhaps the most modernist, globalist and feminist country in the whole world. However, the King couldn´t resist the corrupt Swedish nobles led by their prime witch – Hedvig Elisabet Charlotta av Holstein-Gottorp. The nobles wanted to take the power from the King and plotted to murder him for several years and finally succeeded in 1792 – and then swiftly ignited the French revolution and the murders of the French King. Behind the murder was a small group of women.


What is very interesting is that Gustavus III acclaimed: “Brothels of hell” when he was shot in the back at the Royal Opera in Stockholm. The King claimed that the male assassins had visited the “brothels of hell” before they shot him. We have investigated it and we found a small group of wicked women that plotted his death. What this means is again that Swedish noble men were enchanted and controlled by a small group of wicked women. The gains from visiting the brothel in hell was free sex and riches and the punishment was karma. This is in line with the storyline in Wagner´s Opera Parcifal where the Knights of the Brotherhood are deceived and injured by an evil witch that uses Amfortas(the head of the knights) sexual lust to steal his Holy Spear from him and then stab him in the side in the same way that Jesus was stabbed on the cross.

Wagner´s Parcifal – Opera Gives Hope for Sweden

Parcifal is the final Opera of Wagner and it is based on the Nordic myths of “The Ring of Nibelungen”. We can easily imagine Sweden as the center of attention for many reasons. The story is focused on the suffering of the manly Knights of the Round Table that have been bewitched by an evil, mutilated wizard(eunuch) and its primary demoness called Kundry. Kundry plays a double game pretending to help the knights as a healing woman with medicine while she is secretly controlled by the chief wizard and does everything on his orders.

In the story the healing woman Kundry is said to be the incarnation of Herodias, the evil woman who killed the saint John the Baptist. Herodias mocked Jesus at his crucifixion which made her eternally cursed by heaven and that is why she has become the slave of Klingsor.  Klingsor, the evil and vengeful wizard, represents Judas Iscariot – Jesus judean disciple who has so many evil thoughts that he betrays Jesus for money. Klingsor is mutilated in the flesh and that might be a reference to the jewish custom of circumcision which is only done in the flesh and not in the heart. Parcifal symbolises a crucial part of Jesus while the rest of the knights symbolise another part of Jesus. When they become united all evil dies naturally.

– In the story of Parcifal the Knights of the Round Table are tasked to defend the Holy Grail which contains Jesus blood and also the Holy Spear that the Roman soldiers used to pierce Jesus side on the cross. Notice here that Jesus is stabbed in the right side just like Eve is said to have been born out of the right side of Adam.

– There is an evil guy who tries to join the Knights but he is rejected by the knights since his heart is too dark. He even mutilates himself to get rid of his lust but it doesn´t help his heart improve. That man or “eunuch” then becomes an evil wizard that tries to destroy the Knights by dark magic. His name is Klingsor.

– Klingsor conjures up a magic castle around the Knights full of beautiful ladies that are all demons and then he tries to deceive the Knights of the Round Table with these beautiful ladies. His main weapon is the woman and his spy called Kundry.

– The chief of the Knights of the Round Table is called Amfortas(meaning the powerless one) and he goes to battle Klingsor at the magic castle but he is enchanted by the terribly beautiful woman called Kundry – the prime witch under Klingsor. Kundry knows something about healing and uses Arabic herbs to pretend to heal the wounds of the Knights but it´s useless. Amfortas looses his spear to Klingsor and is injured in the side by the same spear. The wound can only heal by an innocent youth that prophecy has spoken about. Every time Amfortas opens the Holy Grail his wound opens up with terrible pains that he can not endure. It is as if he is attacked by the blood of the Holy Grail and his wound opens up every time he wants to open the grail.

Salome(Herodias daughter) serves John the Baptist´s head on a plate


– Suddenly a young man arrives who boasts of his archery skills after having shot down a swan from the sky. Kundry(the secret witch and agent of Klingsor) tells the young man that his father had died in battle and his mother died of sorrow. Gurnemanz the old knight thinks that the young man might be the innocent youth so he drags him to a banquet and opens the holy grail in front of the young man. The young man is awed but doesn´t understand anything. He is driven away by Gurnemanz.


The wizard Klingsor orders his spy Kundry to lure Parcifal

Klingsor the evil wizard and eunuch, summons his primary witch, Kundry, who lives a double life pretending to work for the Knights while secretly working for Klingsor. Klingsor worries that the young man might save the Knights and therefore orders Kundry to seduce him.

Klingsor enters the magic garden and the beautiful demon ladies conjured up by Klingsor try to seduce him but he resists them. Kundry the most powerful witch then arrives and turns into a beautiful woman and approaches him calling him his real name “Parcifal”. He realizes that his mother once called him that in a dream. Kundry tries to seduce him by first revealing something from his childhood before kissing him. Parcifal immediately feels the pain of Amfortas and he suddenly understands compassion and that his sacred mission is to save the brotherhood with the holy grail. Astonished at his transformation Kundry tries to awaken his pity for her: she tells him of her endless curse since being Herodias and laughing at Jesus when he was crucified. Parsifal resists her. She then curses him to wander hopelessly in search of Amfortas and the Grail and she calls for Klingsor to help her. Klingsor hurls the holy spear at Parcifal but Parcifal miraculously catches it in mid-air – causing Klingsor´s realm to perish and a desert is suddenly visible in place of the magic castle.

Gurnemanz finds a repentant Kundry in the forest and awakes her from a deathlike sleep. An unknown Knight with the Holy Spear approaches and it´s Parcifal who has wandered around for many years. He retells a story of wandering around aimlessly looking for Amfortas and the Grail. Amfortas is longing for death and has given up hope and has stopped opening the Holy Grail. The Brotherhood is suffering. Kundry washes Parcifal´s feet and Gurnemanz proclaims him King. It is Good Friday and they go to the Hall of the Grail but Amfortas can´t open it. Parcifal touches his side with his Holy Spear and he heals Amfortas´ wound. He uncovers the Grail and accepts the homage of the knights as their redeemer and King and he blesses them. The reunion of the Grail and the spear has rejuvenated them. Kundry with her eyes on Parcifal sinks down dead. Her cursed life has finally come to an end and she can finally pay back her debts when she sinks down underground.

This is the magic and final moment of Wagner´s epic career as an opera composer. How important is it to understand the hidden meaning of Parcifal? I would say that this story holds deep secrets.


Summary and Conclusion

Sleeping Knights must wake up – Europe is about to die

We have to add different pieces of information together here like a jigsaw puzzle.

The root of everything here is that Adam was deceived and injured by Eve in the Garden of Eden. Swedish people are Adam and Eve according to Dalin and hence the Swedish man is ashamed and injured by his demon possessed wife (his earlier daughter) every time he tries to raise himself up (open the holy grail). In ancient times Swedish men were upright and endowed with a big mission: to guard the Holy Grail and the Holy Spear from Jesus days. As their leader Amfortas went to battle the evil wizard he was enchanted by a beautiful demoness(Kundry) who is a secret spy living a double life. Hence he lost his spear to the demoness and he was stabbed by it again and again each time he opened the Holy Grail. The goal of the eunuch wizard is to kill him.

So now the Swedish Knights are controlled by an evil wizard(a mutilated eunuch) hiding behind his front woman and spy called Kundry. The Swedish man´s wound won´t heal until the “Pure fool of compassion”, Parcifal, comes to touch their leaders´(Amfortas) wound with the Holy Spear.


It is said that the Holy Knights that Wait for the End of Days  are lying asleep under a mountain awaiting the call to defend their beloved home country. This legend of the “Sleeping Knights” has different versions in many European countries including Sweden. In Sweden they are called “Ållebergs ryttare” and they are sleeping under a mountain near Falkoping, in Falbygden. Notice “Fal” as in Parci-Fal. The name Parcifal has an Arabic meaning which is “The one who splits the valleys” speaking of Falun city in Sweden which is the capital of the valleys. The connection made by Wagner to the middle east and Jesus is very obvious in Parcifal´s name and Kundry´s background as Herodias.


The end of the sleeping knights legend is that the Knights wake up and go out and defend their nation from extinction. This is the proof that they deserve to go to heaven.


All this will happen when a dead raven or eagle falls down from the sky – speaking of the “shot down eagle” that Dalin mentions when he describes the husband of the 18th century Swedish demon King “Hedvig Catharina Lillie”.

This story recounts of Swedish knights that can´t overcome the pains and the shame from old times and instead want to die because of their leader being fatally injured. However there is hope since the young fool Parcifal comes back with his conquered magic spear and he can heal their wound. The demoness  Kundry dies at the same time. I believe that it means that Eve returns inside Adam´s body and everything is whole again as it was before she was born.


Swedish men unite and the evil witch disappears at once – which is exactly what the witch wanted.


It is as if Dalin, Jesus and Wagner all cooperated in creating a story of hope and future. The key is male cooperation. This story of Sweden has been veiled for ages but perhaps we can finally unveil some of it now and reach a good ending. The usual Swedish female spy is present in the story too. At the very least we can say that the Parcifal Opera is complicated and full of riddles, twists and turns. Just like Wagner was a genius of mysteries.