I Found the Swedish Practitioner Group in a Deep Subterranean Lecture Hall…


By a European Practitioner

Dear fellow Practitioners!

Today I will disclose an extremely vivid dream I had around August 2019. In the other dimension I was taken into a long and deep tunnel going down underground. After a long journey I found an entrance into an auditorium. At the entrance which was at the top of the auditorium, I saw a female controlling the entrance of the auditorium. That practitioner is a famous coordinator.

Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference:

“The Dafa Association merely leads or organizes you in participating in some group activities or makes arrangement for you to study Fa together. You shouldn’t treat them like Master; you shouldn’t think of them as having cultivated successfully into Gods and having no shortcomings.”

I entered the hall and I saw all Swedish practitioners sitting in rows from top to bottom under their coordinators.  The speakers at the stage were at the bottom of the hall and they were controlled by their coordinator at the top of the hall. I wanted to warn them about being in hell and not understanding it! I walked down the stairs with a clear goal: I wanted to get the microphone and warn everyone. However, the speakers were very scared of me and wanted to stop me from getting the microphone and stopping me from informing everyone that they had been deceived. I struggled with these people a bit and finally I wrested the microphone from them and started to speak to the practitioner group. The dream ended right there.

My understanding was very clear: Sweden is in great danger and the reason is that they have a twisted understanding of Master´s Fa and blindly follow a coordinator´s “truth” transmitted by her and her puppet speakers instead of sincerely following Master´s Fa. They have a certain truth but that truth is at the level of hell and that´s why their lecture hall was underground. I have thought about this for a long time and I feel that now is the time to publish this story. It might disturb some people in Sweden but in any case I believe there is a deeper reason for my dream and the hidden Swedish history presented on this website seems to give a clear indication of what is really going on. Let´s not blame any individual but every Falun Dafa practitioner has their own responsibility to be honest about sincerely wanting to follow Master´s Fa in all aspects and try to understand the truth of Dafa independently. If someone distorts Master´s Fa for her personal benefits and people believe in that stuff it´s actually their own choice and it means that they follow the old forces path.

My story presented here can not be taken as any absolute truth, it´s just my understanding of my own personal experience. Master´s Fa is the absolute truth of the universe at all levels.