Three Lifetimes with Lilith the Snake Ruined Sweden and Europe….

We have recently investigated Sweden and its special place in mankind´s history. The first point is that Sweden always was a hotspot for modern culture and feminism from ancient times to modern times. In Swedish history we have seen barbarianism, witchcraft, sexual freedom, mass migration and feminism along with effemination of Swedish men from ancient times to modern times. With modern culture and feminism came the ultimate attack against Swedish people in line with what happened in the Garden of Eden. History does repeat itself endlessly but people forget to learn the real lessons.


Viking woman resembled a man and terrified the world


The barbarianism of Swedish people during the viking era was, according to sage Olof von Dalin, due to women dressing up as male warriors with armoury and weapons. That was the reason why other countries looked upon Swedes as the Gog and Magog of prophecies, the demonic forces that would attack the Lord´s forces at the end of times. Dalin also mentioned that the language in the paradise(Eden) was Swedish, further pointing to the great Satan originating in Sweden.
Eve makes Adam eat the snake´s fruit


It is said that the snake in the Garden of Eden was called Lilith and according to Dalin the demon king of Sweden reincarnated as a woman called “Hedvig Catarina Lillie” in his days of the 18th century. She spread her venom and plotted intensely to corrupt anything good in Sweden. With that in mind we can easily deduce that the snake demon King Lilith would lead Sweden to betray the Lord at the end of times. Given countless prophecies and the state of the world with the murderous and atheist CCP in charge we can easily see that we really are at the end times and Lilly is of course going to be busy destroying as many souls as possible.
But that´s not all, if we investigate the lives of three Swedish women called Queen Kristina, Hedvig Catharina Lillie and Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta of Holstein Gottorp we find several common character traits in them and and the biblical snake of Lilith in the Garden of Eden.
Did Lilith the snake King reincarnate over and over in Sweden and that´s why Sweden is the Magog(Mother Gog) of the end times? Let´s investigate the facts, it´s sure to be interesting.
Countess Lillie – “Mrs Heretic Dead Socialite” according to sage Dalin


First off, the successive lifespans of these three wicked characters:
1. Queen Kristina(also described as “blinding the Swedish people” by Dalin): 1626 -1689
2. Hedvig Catharina Lillie(also called “Mrs Heretic Socialite Corpse” by Dalin: 1695-1640
3. Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta of Holstein Gottorp(Queen Charlotta of Sweden 1812-1818): 1759-1818
If we take a brief look at the facts of their life journeys we see some common facts:
– All three were deeply involved with France and two of them moved to France and converted to catholicism which was illegal in Sweden at the time.
– None of the three wanted to be a Queen or open ruler – they preferred to stay in the shadows behind a front puppet. Two of these figures were queens but resigned voluntarily before their death.
– All three were experts at spying and plotting behind the scenes. Queen Kristina boasted of her skills to use Machiavelli´s theories which involve how to divide and conquer people. Her evil plot to murder  a Marquis in a French palace while personally watching the ritual murder blew up in her face when many people realised that she was a monster.
–  All three women were licentious and lesbian or bi-sexual and transvestites – something unheard of at the time.
– All three were famous for living high profile lifestyles, wasting a lot of money.
– All three were very popular with the Swedish elite and they were all charming, irresistible and witty while lowering the moral standard for their friends with focus on sexual vices and breaking every Christian commandment in their actions.
– All three were considered very intelligent
– All three were decidedly against traditional culture and wanted to rule over men and women alike
– All three preferred to dominate as hidden rulers with puppets in front of them
– All three were quite openly in favour of sins instead of virtues.
– At least two of them had a documented interest in black magic and one of them paid money to learn the most secret witchcraft.
– All three made sinister plots to murder people and/or to grasp political power
– At least two of them pronounced that they were men and not women despite being born as women.
– Queen Kristina had severe megalomania calling herself the equal of any ruler of the Universe, aside from God(which she never believed in).
– Queen Kristina was a kind of hero in circles of jews and jesuits and they worshipped her as a kind of enlightened ruler of darkness. They left out the part with darkness but her disrespect of God and virtues and also her ritual murder of a general in a French Palace told the story of a psychopath of epic proportions.
– None of these women were ever caught as criminals although we could speculate that the last one suicided voluntarily in 1818 on the orders of the Swedish King after her most important puppet(her own husband, King Charles XIII) passed away and her crimes may have been exposed.


Three Successive Cultural Destroyers Ruined Sweden and Europe

Queen Christina – called a beast by her own mother at birth


Ever since the days of Queen Kristina the LGBT community has used the Swedish Queen as a kind of role model for sexual immorality and her being queen and unmarried(in order to not give up any power to a man) has been the joy of many feminists in the cultural marxist era of modern times.
The Swedish people on the other hand became impoverished by their queen who not only abandoned the throne in order to become a kind of “European empress” but even squeezed money out of Sweden long after her resignation. It´s said that she spent 20% of all Swedish tax revenues on herself and her entourage. Her dabbling with the jewish cabbalists and jewish bankers didn´t do any good either for her finances.
The middle woman in our trio of despicable witches, the infamous countess “Hedvig Elisabeth Lillie” was called “Mrs Heretic Socialite Corpse” by Dalin and she laughed at virtues and quickly changed topic when others talked of God.  She was licentious and ruled the party of the Hats secretly behind the curtain while coordinating with France who supported her party. She was the true socialite, witty and clever, dragging the elite women of Stockholm down into her moral swamp. Dalin recommended all noble women of Stockholm to go to her and tell her to her face that they didn´t want her acquaintance anymore because she didn´t deserve it.
The third woman, the Queen Charlotta, can be said to have ignited the mass murders of the French revolution and she most probably was the hidden leader of the plot to murder the sage King Gustavus III in 1792. Many members of the leading murder cabal in Sweden then left for France to assist with the French revolution and they all got away with their murder of King Gustavus III without punishment. You could say that the Swedish women inspired the French revolution or perhaps even directed it.
 Queen Charlotta had her own secret spy system of postal couriers in Europe


Queen Charlotta was dabbling in black magic as a master mason of the “female” Swedish masons(!), spying for France and even creating her own postal courier system throughout Europe so that the King couldn´t read her spy letters. She had a “free” relationship meaning free sex with anyone anytime. She gave birth to two babies who both died within a week.
Her death is still a mystery. No matter was, she was suspected of a long list of unforgivable crimes and just like her two predecessors she never paid for any of those crimes.
Napoleon Bonaparte gave some hints about the wickedness of Sweden. In November 1797, von Fersen attended the Second Congress of Rastatt and met general Napoleon Bonaparte:

When I called at his hotel to pay my compliments he asked would I be kind enough to tell him what minister from Sweden is now in Paris. As you know, there is none. My reply was necessarily vague. Then he said that it was astounding that the Court of Sweden should behave in such a manner towards a nation, with which it had been on more or less friendly terms for a long while. Before I had time to respond, he remarked that the Court of Sweden seemed to take a pleasure in sending agents and ambassadors who were personally disagreeable to every French citizen.

“No doubt,” said he, “the king of Sweden would regard with disfavor a French minister who had attempted to raise the people of Stockholm against him. On the same principle, the French Republic ought not to allow men too well known for their connection with the late King and Queen of France to be sent to mock the minister of the first nation on earth.”

It was impossible not to understand this. I felt somewhat as I had felt the day we interviewed Drouet, and I preserved the same apparent indifference. I looked down serenely at M. le Général and merely said that I would make known to my Court what I had just heard; and I left him.

Speaking of Swedish women you could say that any Swedish woman who belonged to the elite during the 17th to 19th century definitely had a moral standard influenced by these three women. Not only that, according to Dalin, Swedish women could generally control their Swedish men as their little slaves. Imagine the situation three hundred years later. Men are now interested in remaking themselves into women, using cosmetics and speaking like women.


Summary – Three Successive Swedish Witches with an Agenda of Enslaving People

These three women had a lot of resemblance with the snake Lilith in the Garden of Eden. They all interpreted God´s word in a new way to serve their own agendas of absolute power. Because they were women they wanted feminism no matter what the Bible or traditional culture stated. If they had been men they would have ignored women´s rights. Their only purpose in life was power and money and they acted as a kind of “prostitutes from hell” as Gustavus III remarked after the assassination attempt on him.
While the history books have forgotten most of the negative sides of these women in view of the current cultural marxist dogma we need to investigate their cultural influence on the Swedish elite(and then the Swedish people who imitated their elite) since the 17th century:
– Swedish women became sexually emancipated(Dalin)
– Swedish women became lazy and vain(Dalin)
– Swedish women took over the power from their men in society(Dalin)
– Swedish women lost all their respect for their men, ruling them as little slaves(Dalin)
– Swedish monarchy was destroyed by the women by murder of the sage King – my own conclusion
– Swedish women ignited the murder spree of the French revolution – my own conclusion
– Swedish women learned all their vices from these three leaders – my own and partly Dalin´s conclusions
As mentioned above we can see that reincarnation looks like the real deal and the snake Lilith really seems to have her roots in Sweden. Where is she today? Why is Sweden collapsing today? Chances are, if you find Lilith it would be possible to turn around Sweden´s political insanity today with a leadership hell bent on driving full steam towards collapse of the country.
Lilith(Lily, Lilly, Lili), where are you? Sweden needs to finally deal with their wicked siren from hell.