The Old Forces Trap – Beat Them At Their Own Game(Chinese version below)…


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In this article I will try to find a way to help practitioners escape the trap planted by the old forces to destroy as many practitioners as possible overseas by their insidious persecution at the group level. This is not about personal cultivation, this is about the group culture and the actions and choices made by the group as a whole. All the enlightenments in this article are only my personal enlightenments at my own level of cultivation and can´t be taken as any absolute truth of the Universe.

We all want to stay alive in the future cosmos and we want to belong to the new cosmos that Master has created. In order to go there we must first break out of the old cosmos which is based on selfishness. In order to do that we can´t only look at our personal cultivation but also at the whole group which we belong to. Unfortunately there are some places where practitioner groups have performed poorly against Master´s Fa in many aspects and it´s those actions against Master´s Fa that I address in this sharing article. As good practitioners we didn´t make decisions to commit crimes against Master´s Fa but if we didn´t open our mouths to address these crimes after many years – isn´t that a problem for us? I think that the old forces have a valid point on this issue and let´s discern their insidious trap once and for all and then let all practitioners that want to escape it take action.



Empress Liu Zhenzong of north Song with mask over her face. A traitor and rebel against heaven.


In my earlier sharing article about how the CCP has infiltrated the Falun Dafa groups oversees I mentioned that the CCP wanted to create a bad group environment in order for all members of the group to go against against Master´s Fa and make everyone an accomplice by making them scared to open their mouths and oppose the bad things in the group.

As an individual practitioner we know of countless good practitioners who share the same situation. They do their personal cultivation quite well but when they come to their group they find very strange things going on which are against Master´s Fa. When they complain to the coordinators they are met with coldness and silence or even exclusion. 

Then the coordinators will brand these practitioners “non cooperative” and claim that they are the ones who are against Master´s Fa. Of course, these coordinators refuse to discuss the facts that the practitioners brought up in the first place and that is sneaky behaviour against the Fa. In some cases the practitioner gives up or she might go and do her own truth clarification activities somewhere else. In any case these practitioners will feel very uncomfortable and helpless when they see the bad things that are being done in the big group which indeed are actions that go against Master´s Fa. Typical group crimes might be the following:

  • Refusing openly to follow traditional culture which is open rebellion against Master´s Fa
  • Refusing to look inside after something bad has happened
  • Ignoring safety issues regarding coordinators with a CCP background
  • Controlling all agendas for big meetings so that nothing important is discussed concerning cultivation
  • Controlling practitioners during meetings by using wild emotions such as crying or spreading rumours about what Master has said in private meetings
  • Refusing to handle conflicts openly and in a fair way
  • Censoring or even excluding critical practitioners
  • Refusing to stand up for Dafa when Dafa is slandered
  • Refusing to answering difficult questions
  • Open illoyalty towards Dafa not daring to promise that these people dont work for the CCP
  • Disrespect against Master´s Fa not having any sharing or looking inside genuinely after His latest messages have been published.
  • Centralising all power to a few coordinators with a CCP background.

The Old Forces Arson Trap is to Create Unknowing “Criminals” Among Practitioners


Practitioners should know, after studying Master´s Fa that the old forces have a goal to eliminate practitioners. At first practitioners thought that the old forces wanted to eliminate ordinary people. Who is connected to the ordinary people? Falun Dafa practitioners. That is why the old forces are out to eliminate both practitioners and their corresponding sentient beings.


Master says in Zhuan Falun, lecture 9:

“It is a xinxing issue if you do not help stop a murder or arson when you see it. How will you otherwise demonstrate that you are a good person? If you do not help stop a murder or arson, what would you get involved with? Yet there is one point to be made: These things really do not have anything to do with our practitioners. They might not be arranged for you to run into.”


This passage is very important for us to analyse in order to understand how to defeat the old forces outside China where the persecution takes on the yin nature which is hidden, insidious and not obvious as in China.

In criminal courts all over the world, when there is a crime committed it´s not only the direct perpetrator that is sentenced. All the people who were aware of the crime being committed also have to be punished. Silence about crimes in a group means support for the crimes. This principle is what the old forces try to exploit to the maximum. Below follows the US law and sentences for not reporting a crime that you know of or have seen:


“Federal law prohibits concealing information about specific crimes. Under 18 United States Code, Section 4, you may be obligated to report a crime if you are directly asked during a criminal investigation whenever:

  • You have knowledge of the commission of a felony;
  • The felony actually occurred; and
  • The felony is a federal offense;

If you willfully conceal the commission of a felony federal offense, you can be charged with “misprision of a felony.” Misprision of a felony is a form of obstruction of justice. If you are convicted, you face up to a $250,000 fine, imprisonment up to three years, or both fine and imprisonment.”



From the US law we learn that it´s really a punishable crime in the human world to not report a crime when you see it. How about crimes against Master´s Fa in our Falun Dafa groups? How does heaven look at practitioners who don´t oppose the crimes in their practitioner groups? Isn´t it obvious that this point is a key gap that the old forces want to exploit?

Imagine that we have a group of Falun Dafa practitioners in a certain country. There are one hundred practitioners and a couple of coordinators with CCP backgrounds that don´t appreciate Master´s Fa in many aspects such as traditional culture, open sharing, respecting Master´s Fa and looking inside openly and honestly. When someone brings up the crimes committed against Master´s Fa that person is immediately censored and excluded from the group. Over the long years many practitioners have gotten an all wrong Fa understanding on many issues because of listening more to coordinators twisted understandings than to wholeheartledly trying to understand Master´s Fa with rationality. The rest of the practitioners who understand things are scared of being punished and sit quietly. They are told that anyone who criticises the coordinators are uncooperative. Of course, if the criticism is about how to do specific things in a project, that is correct. But when the criticism is about major things in the whole group culture that go against Master´s Fa there is valid reasons for open discussion and action. We must stand up for Master´s Fa.

Master said in “Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples” in Essentials for Further Advancement II”:

“A Dafa disciple who fails to achieve the effect of safeguarding and upholding Dafa has no way of reaching Consummation, because your cultivation is different from that of the past and the future. Therein lies the magnificence of a Dafa disciple.”


If we don´t safeguard Dafa when things go against Master´s Fa in our group – haven´t we become accomplices to the crimes against Master´s Fa? Isn´t that exactly the arson trap that the old forces have planted for us outside China? I believe it is. How should we balance this issue of cooperating well and still not accepting any crimes against Master´s Fa?


The Middle Way is the Golden Way for Dafa Practitioners

John the Baptist points to heaven – Da Vinci painted golden ratios 


Everyone has perhaps heard of the golden mean and golden ratio in ancient Greece. Aristotle the Greek philosopher and polymath had the brilliant idea to find the golden mean between two extremes. Courage was considered a virtue in ancient Greece and too much of it became recklessness while too little of it became a deficiency. To the Greek mentality, it was an attribute of beauty. Ancient Greeks believed that there is a close association in mathematics between beauty and truth. The Greeks believed there to be three “ingredients” to beauty: symmetry, proportion, and harmony. Beauty was an object of love and something that was to be imitated and reproduced in their lives, architecture, education (paideia), and politics. They judged life by this mentality.

As Dafa practitioners we need to have wisdom and look at problems from many angles and balance all aspects well. When we are members of a big practitioner group we need to support the unity or harmony of the group while at the same time safeguarding Master´s Fa. If the group culture is very poor due to coordinators and fellow practitioners cultivating poorly that might be because your country as a whole has behaved against heaven´s laws in the past history and that is why the old forces can create this kind of culture. You can probably do nothing about it and the main point is always to focus on following Master´s Fa in our actions no matter which people are around you. Even if a country has this problem you need to figure out a way to save yourself and not become an accomplice to the crimes committed against Master´s Fa by the whole group. They are of course also arranged by the old forces. We want to be obedient and creative children of the Creator and that is the whole point with this article. In this case I suggest the following plan of action:

1) List all the specific crimes against Master´s Fa that I know of in my group.

2) Make a statement that I hereby oppose every crime that is committed against Master´s Fa in my practitioner group.

3) Make a statement that I from now on can never be held responsible for those crimes in my practitioner group.

4) I recommend all practitioners to oppose any crimes against Master´s Fa and I support a complete assimilation to Master´s Fa in every aspect for my whole group. I am an orthodox Falun Dafa practitioner and I don´t support any heresies.

5) At the same time I continue to do the three things as usual and I will continue to cooperate well as usual with the group and I am not against any practitioners or judge them.

6) This statement will be sent to the coordinator who is the senior coordinator of my group coordinator.


I send my statement to all practitioners in my group and if I have a chance I make it known during a big group meeting.


How the Old Forces will React to this Plan

The old forces will certainly not sit quiet after we release this plan to rescue practitioners from their arson trap. As usual their primary handlers are practitioners with party culture and their primary weapons are the following:

  • Slander practitioners who bring it up and ignore the facts
  • Avoid any discussion of the real topic
  • Censor all discussion about these matters in the big group
  • Claim that some big coordinator is against this whole thing
  • Claim that it is demonic and splits the group


As soon as you hear rumours and practitioners who spread gossip and try to influence you to do nothing about the crimes against Master´s Fa in your group – then you know that the old forces controls them.



The Fa rectification period is reaching its tail end as well as the persecution. Now is the time to escape the trap of cultural subversion planted by the old forces among overseas practitioners. Personal cultivation isnåt enough to consummate, we must also be responsible in the big group of practitioners. Being a righteous practitioner in the group environment means that we stand up for Master´s Fa when it is trampled upon in the big group. It can relate to modern culture and feminism being imposed by the female coordinators with a CCP background, it can be censorship, exclusion, not standing up for Dafa, disrespecting Master´s Fa, not looking inside after bad things happened etc.










































施洗者約翰指向天堂——達·芬奇(Da Vinci)繪製了黃金比例