Occult Truths of Modern Man and Snake Charming…

Snake Matriarchy from a prehistoric civilisation – does the snake queen hold little Adam and Eve in her hands?


There have been found figurines from a prehistoric civilisation where the snake queen holds two mini snakes in her hand while showing off her bare chest. Others have little snakes crawling on them. There are several points to make about those figurines. One is the two snakes and the second part is about prostitution. It seems like the figurine is tempting people sexually by showing off her breasts. Let us come back to the inner meaning later.



Snakes in the Human World

Many male anacondas try to mate with a big female

It´s very interesting to study the species of snakes. Snakes have some unique features.


  • Snakes are loners and individualists
  • Snakes shed their skin, changing their looks and at the same time invite male snakes for a mating session
  • Female snakes have sex with many male snakes
  • Snake mothers leave their babies immediately after birth
  • Female snakes are usually bigger than male snakes
  • Female snakes can eat male snakes after mating, the opposite is not true
  • Male snakes can feminise themselves and give off the odour of a female snake
  • Male snakes come in large groups trying to mate with one female
  • Male snakes have double genitals to increase chances for mating
  • Male snakes can become homosexuals
  • The snake heart moves around in its body


Now compare the snakes with modern humans:


  • The mother leaves her babies very early to the state
  • Many human beings change their looks by tattoos, cosmetics, hair styles and clothes regularly
  • More and more people become loners and individualists when the family dies
  • Women rule men in modern culture(see statistics)
  • Women are now sex  symbols and objectified instead of worshipped as holy mothers
  • Women are the primary reason for divorce(75% of all divorces are initiated by women)
  • Modern men behave more like women using perfume
  • Men are looking for women in groups at bars and discos trying to become the chosen one
  • There are many homosexual men in the modern age
  • Modern people are very emotional and changeable


If we look at these facts it turns out that modern people have a lot in common with snakes in the animal kingdom and it definitely wasn´t like that in traditional culture. Is there a hidden agenda in the human world to turn people into snakes in line with the story of Adam and Eve becoming snakes? Olof von Dalin claimed that (Sw)eden was the place of the Garden of Eden and Swedish culture is indeed the most feminist and anti-family in the whole world. Also, the people are the most individualistic and lonely people in the world while Swedish men are seen as some of the most effeminate men in the world and Swedish women are seen as the most masculine women. Was Olof von Dalin right about Sweden being the origin of all human snakes?  Let´s take a deeper look at modern culture?


The Garden of (Sw)Eden – A Place for Modern “Snake Culture”


Adam looks confused but eats the forbidden apple

In the western creation myth Adam´s first wife is called Lilith. Lilith refuses to obey Adam and Adam goes to God to complain. Finally Lilith leaves the garden of Eden and goes to the filthy place called Egypt where she decides to become the world´s first demon queen.In Greek mythology she is also called Echidna which implies that she has an oath with China. She was the first rebel against God´s creation and later on she returned to the Garden of Eden to deceive Adam and Eve into sinning against God. In that way she could gain power over Adam and Eve. Meanwhile Adam becomes a mother as he gives birth to Eve from his own body  – she is his demon nature because she is of yin nature. Adam then marries his own daughter Eve. 

In the Bible there is a quote saying in Rev. 13:18: “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”


I enlightened to the fact that the original creation myth of the western world has a wealth of inner meanings and one of them is that both Adam and Eve became snakes with a lower moral standard than the original snake(note all legends and prophets claiming that the demon king will be called Lily or Lilith). They followed Lilith and became snakes themselves. The number 6 is the number of the snake in the Chinese calendar so the number 666 means three snakes together and it means that the snake Lilith plus Adam and Eve have become snakes and that means that they are a single beast comprising of three snakes(look at the figurine statue to see the striking resemblance). If all mankind becomes a beast it means the end of mankind. Now that won´t happen of course because nothing is absolute.

In fact, if we look closely at the story in the Bible we can see that the snake first deceived Eve and Eve in turn deceived Adam. Why did Eve deceive Adam? She was born out of him so in a way she was his demon nature born since she was of yin nature. Secondly, after she ate the snake fruit she became a snake too and she wanted to dominate Adam. Actually there wasn´t any deception because they had both heard the rule from God to not eat of the forbidden fruit but they ignored God´s advice and chose to sin.

When God came back to the garden of Eden both Adam and Eve tried to blame others for their treason against God while the snake didn´t try to blame anyone. Hence Adam and Eve became enslaved under the original snake or “Satan” in hell as some people refer to it. There is a hierarchy in hell too and the snake was more truthful than both Adam and Eve and hence was placed above them in hell. In addition Adam became the lowest of all three figures because he broke three commandments. He followed the woman against God´s instructions in addition to eating of the forbidden fruit and he didn´t repent when faced with his treason by God – both Adam and Eve tried to argue with God.

I believe that when Adam and Eve suddenly saw that they themselves had become naked snakes after eating the forbidden fruit they panicked. What was the forbidden fruit? To know what was good and evil and hence try to become like God themselves but without any hard work to improve their character, just like the snake had chosen the path of demon hood earlier. The snake was the demon king or Asura king at that level and it knew what was evil and it tried to recruit followers to its evil ways.

That forbidden tree in the center of the garden bore the fruits from the snake´s evil works so when they ate that fruit it was the snake´s fruits they ate and they became what they ate – snakes. Snakes don´t wear clothes and hence they panicked when they saw that they had transformed into naked snakes and they tried to put on leaves to cover up their snake nature and treason against God. This is the main secret of the beast´s number 666. When God came back to inspect them he then punished them by expelling all of them from the Garden of Eden.

An important detail: the snake tree was placed in the center of the Garden of Eden meaning that the snake will be in a position of power and focus – it will be a false leader and a traitor. Only the best people can be strong enough to resist it by only aaccepting God´s instructions when God isn´t present.


Modern Culture  and the Snake Charmer – A Theory of Occultism


Lilith the Swedish snake demon king


Modern culture indeed resembles the snake culture from the animal kingdom with the death of families and objectification of women as sexual objects. All these things resemble ancient myths to a degree that is stunning.

The first question to put is this. If there was a conscious spiritual warfare against mankind to turn mankind into snakes, starting with the Garden of Eden and the snake demon King Lilith, is it true that Lilith indeed is the female snake charmer that could enchant the whole of mankind by cultural subversion and violence?

If we look at mankind´s culture we have western and eastern culture. In the west it´s all about making men and women equal, destroying genders and introducing new ideas and concepts for how to look at man. History has been falsified and rewritten and people are made to believe that “everything was barbaric in the past and modern culture is better” while modern culture in fact leads to enslavement and chaos under the devil. People really believe in modern culture and especially young people and women. Women believe more in it because they want to fight against men for power instead of taking care of children and their families. Men believe in it because they feel pity for traditional women. In this way both man and woman became baby snakes under the iron fist of Lilith the demon snake king.


Controlling mankind is all about enchantment and lies and controlling the narrative. So in fact, the process of enchanting the west is done by taking over all sources of information so that people only have the snake´s lies as information and nothing else. According to its lies mankind is an animal(baby snake) that needs to be controlled by the mother snake(Lilith). The west is ruled by an evil mother snake and it´s the evil yin side of the world while Asia is the evil yang side. The western rulers hide in darkness and won´t let the public know about them. They are subverters and traitors who operate under the protection of darkness.

In the east the CCP is the ruler and they primarily rule by violence and surveillance and they are open about their tyranny. They killed 80 million Chinese people in 70 years and still all the western governments pay them respect and acknowledge them as a legitimate government. That is the most outstanding proof that the west is under its yoke. Sweden was the first country in the west who accepted the CCP as the legitimate ruler of China. Again, we see the logical pattern as Sweden is the root of western tyranny due to its special history going back to the Garden of (Sw)Eden where Swedish was the language spoken according to sage Olof von Dalin.


Snakes crawl on the ground and they lack a spine. This is the true reason why men haven´t revolted against the slavery and lies of their criminal governments that are spread all over the world and cooperating under the criminal money printing machines in the central banks of each nation.

Soon this will change. Man has forgotten that there exist Gods and Gods can do anything when they want to do it. Good people can see this as the ultimate test about who they are. If you can remain a good person under these terrible circumstances and with a culture worse than a beast, then that is something quite precious I would say.