My Understanding of Security Among Falun Dafa Practitioners Outside China…


Dear esteemed fellow practitioners – greetings!

Today I am going to share something about a sensitive topic which has perplexed many practitioners for a long time. I have seen many strange things in our practitioner group dating back to when I came to my Falun Dafa group the first time.

I studied many Jingwen where Master talked about spies among Falun Dafa practitioners and I heard practitioners gossip about different potential spies from China. However, during all these years not a single “coordinator spy” has come out to admit their wrongdoings despite the strong recommendations from Master during several lectures.

Imagine the monumental importance of this question. How come there is not a single spy revealed among all the coordinators after so many years? How come there are no sharing articles about this issue? I believe that the old forces have blocked practitioners on this issue for many years and now it´s time to bring it up.

I was dumbfounded on how to explain this issue clearly for many years but now I feel like I have broken through my enlightenment to the human dimensional level and I would like to make them known to other practitioners.


Do we overlook the ‘Invisible Gorilla’ in the room?

Master said in “Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”:

Disciple: Some practitioners go back to China for a year or so, and then after returning they participate in our events, including Fa conferences. But they didn’t experience any persecution while they were in China. What should we make of this?

Master: This is worth thinking over. You know about how phones can be monitored… I can tell you that every mobile phone we carry on us is serving as a listening device. The CCP is sitting there listening in on even your casual conversations, and they hear everything clearly. Every Dafa disciple’s mobile phone is being monitored. So how could anyone think you could go undetected by them? And mobile phone calls are traced very quickly. As soon as you call someone they will get that number and will then start monitoring that phone as well. It’s very rare, if not impossible, for someone not to be identified by them. They will know about you as soon as you participate in a public activity. So I think there’s definitely something going on when someone can go back to China and nothing happens to him and everything is smooth.

Master basically tells us that it´s meaningless to try to protect the mobile phone from tapping and He also tells us that those practitioners who go back and forth to China smoothly are most probably spies. What is the real deal about security in our Dafa projects? Doesn´t Master hint about it right there? We need to look among our own ranks and analyse the risk of having spies among our key people. It´s those people who can really damage Falun Dafa in many ways from the inside. Whatever the CCP hears from our meetings can´t really stop the project. If there is a CCP spy that is a coordinator in a project that coordinator can make their project go astray in many ways by creating conflicts, stalling important work and spreading false rumours. At the same time they will say that the results are good so that they don´t loose their position.

How Communists Infiltrated and Subverted all Religions in the West from the Inside

Bella Dodd disclosed communist subversion tactics


I believe that we need to go back to the article series about communism published by our media. In those articles about cultural marxism there were many cases where it has been pointed out that all communism is based on subversion of the enemy from within. It´s a fact that all religions across the world have been infiltrated from the inside by communist spies parading as priests, munks or nuns. In the poem “The world´s ten evils, Hong Yin B” Master says:

“Religions turned evil—
Money seekers, politicians.”


In our media we teach ordinary people that they have been subverted culturally in the west by their governments, their religions, their media and their education system etc. This has been proven by many stories and by defected spies and it really makes sense. The spies are themselves bribed in different ways and at the same time extorted. How is it done? For example, someone receives money from a secret police in order to do some nasty things. At that time he is dangerous for the secret police because he knows something about them. So in order to control him they would send beautiful ladies to him or make him do some nasty things. When he is doing the bad things they will record it and then use the proof to keep him under control. Another way is to threaten to go after his family members unless he obeys them. In this way he is quickly enslaved by these bad people. Every crime syndicate operates like this with a pyramid structure and the people at the base, because of brainwashing, usually think that they are doing good things while only the top people understand that they are mere tools of the evil.


We know that the CCP has subverted Chinese culture in all kinds of ways from the inside by using media, slander, brainwashing and other methods. It was a process started by the same type of bad people long before the CCP came to power.

I felt that for a long time nobody has brought up the issue of how the CCP has infiltrated and attacked Falun Dafa outside China? When Master went to France and Sweden in 1995 he met with CCP officials at the French and Swedish embassies. After a few years the CCP turned against Falun Dafa openly but already in 1996 the trend was going in the wrong direction with the CCP spreading bad rumours about Dafa. Didn´t they recruit a lot of spies already at that time, planting them to subvert Falun Dafa from the inside? I am sure they did and that is what the CCP are experts on. They needed people on the inside of Falun Dafa that could create a bad group culture, people who created conflicts between practitioners and who sabotaged important truth clarification projects.


The Yin-Yang Balance of the Old Forces in the Human World

Legend: the Asura world serpent Vritra is killed by Indra to save lives


All practitioners know that the CCP persecutes practitioners in China to death. They torture them, they beat them, they slander them and even harvest their organs. This is horrible and everyone knows it. Even ordinary people know it and most of them agree that it´s completely nonhuman behaviour.

In Falun Dafa we learn that the tai chi symbol of yin-yang is a crucial part to balance the universe. I suddenly enlightened to the following basic truths during my cultivation process by having the heart and predestination to know them. What is the yang side of the old forces in the human world? It´s the CCP, the CCP is their yang tool. The evil side of yang is violent, destructive, powerful, hot, restless, male etc in the human world. That´s how the CCP persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners endlessly and openly.

Legend: Demon king Veles transforms himself into a Lily and steals the Lord´s child

The evil yin side that balances the CCP resembles, much like in the western creation myth, the image of an evil snake mother(yin nature) who wants to seduce and abduct small children of the Lord and make them worship the evil snake as their real mother instead of their true Master. She is jealous, bitter and hateful and she teaches them her own evil ways in order to be able to rule them and make them follow her down to hell.  This kind of being knows that it is destined for destruction and wants to do a maximum of evil before its bitter end. That evil thing knows that if it can take control of practitioners and make them go against Master´s Fa they will become even lower than it. Isn´t it scary? It is truly horrible.


The Name of the Snake Demon King in Zhuan Falun

Master says in Zhuan Falun, chapter 5:

“They(Asuras – my remark) regard ordinary people as a kind of beast, and therefore enjoy eating human beings. Over the past few years they also have come out to teach qigong. But what sort of things do they belong to? How could they look like human beings? It is frightening to learn what belongs to them because you will have to go with them and become their species. ”


This is the first part of the demon king´s truth. It wants to enslave other practitioners under it and make them become like itself. It´s well known from mythology that the Asuras and Devas fight an endless war and the Asuras always try to climb up to heaven but is always pushed down by the divine. How do they climb up to heaven? They come into religions and spiritual movements and try to control it from within and get energy from their followers.


The second truth is found in the snake story of Zhuan Falun, chapter five:


“There have also been some bad ones that we have had to deal with. For instance, when I gave a class in Guizhou7 for the first time, someone came to find me during the class and said that his grand master wanted to see me.”


Grand master or “Master´s Master” becomes Li-Li so in Zhuan Falun we can see that the snake demon´s name in the human world will be Lili. The snake demon king will have the name of “Lili Wang”. Every truth will be found in Zhuan Falun, down to the human dimension. Isn´t this important information? In addition we can see that every snake demon in mythology is called Lily or Lilith or similar names. The truth seems to be very absolute.

What then is the reflection of the yin side of the evil CCP seen in the human world? This question is crucial and must be put openly so that everyone can see it clearly.

Why didn´t we save more beings during the twenty years of persecution? First of all we are inhibited by the old forces arrangement and their yin-yang balance in this human world. Secondly, according to the principle of mutual generation and mutual inhibition – if you want to save a lot of beings you need a correspondingly big interference and if Falun Dafa practitioners don´t have enough mighty virtue they can´t succeed in saving that many beings.

According to the principle of yin and yang the overt persecution in China is mirrored by a hidden inside persecution in the west that few practitioners have paid attention to. If a Chinese practitioner is persecuted by his government there must be a similar persecution taking place inside the Falun Dafa groups or else there wouldn´t be a balance.

Shen Yun Promotes Traditional Culture to Save Sentient Beings

Shen Yun showcases traditional womanhood with tenderness, beauty and humility

Everyone knows that Shen Yun promotes traditional culture in order to save sentient beings across the world. Why is traditional culture so important to become a human being in the future? It´s because beings who don´t support traditional culture from the bottom of their hearts can´t survive in the future and the old forces know this fact and make use of it to destroy beings on a mass scale. Why can´t modern people survive? Because modernism is false and therefore it can´t have any longevity and must be destroyed.

If that is true, how can practitioners save themselves if they don´t even believe in and practice traditional culture themselves? When they are promoting Shen Yun while at the same time supporting feminism and modern culture in their own lifestyles and daily actions – are they genuine Falun Dafa practitioners? This question seems valid to me.

Personally I have done a big journey of learning to understand and appreciating traditional culture from the bottom of my heart. From being a slave under my attachment to women since childhood with an overbearing mother and a father who had given up controlling my mother´s lack of wisdom and lust for power. Later, after getting married, I was again slave under a woman with great lust for power. My mother got it right when she told me that men go from one mother to the next mother when they get married. Finally, after obtaining the Fa, I started to analyse these things in detail and I decided that my primary problem was fear of loneliness and my attachment to lust as well as a complete lack of understanding of the basic truth of the Universe due to modern culture influencing me since childhood.

There is no mixing of colours or tai-chi and swastika symbols in the Falun symbol

As my cultivation has deepened I have realised that traditional culture is about the truth of the Universe at the human level. Since this human level is extremely low there needs to be a very big difference between males and females just like the difference between the particles at this level is very big. So when modern culture tries to make women and men equal it´s completely against the truth of the universe at this human level. The reality is that Shen Yun shows the real truth of the human dimension when men and women have very different clothes and behave differently. Men are supposed to be wisdom or truth in the human dimension and women are supposed to be compassion. To put it another way, men are like the tai chi symbol and women like the swastika symbol in the human world. Together they can form a harmonious and stable existence in the form of a Falun symbol. This also means that they should not mix much because that will mess up the differences and the stability.

In Chinese medicine it´s said that slime is formed by mixing yin and yang and it´s very difficult to treat such diseases. Ban Zhao, the Chinese woman who lived 2000 years ago, said that the worst thing that can happen is if a man becomes a mouse and a woman becomes a wolf. I do believe there is much truth to what she said. It´s because when a woman wants to become a man there is a demand on the man to become a woman and that means they disrespect the creation and arrangement by the Gods. In fact, a woman can´t be good at male occupations and vice versa because the Gods have arranged it like that.

Who can persecute overseas Falun Dafa practitioners? After watching Master´s lecture to Australian practitioners where Master spoke clearly about spies I concluded that only bad coordinators have the power to block and sabotage truth clarification projects and create a bad group culture among practitioners. The only requirement for their success is that practitioners are not righteous enough.

I believe that it´s primarily cultural, marxist subversion from the inside of the Falun Dafa groups that persecute overseas practitioners. A good mother creates a good, traditional culture at home and an evil mother does the opposite. Please remember that Falun Dafa groups are not supposed to have “mother figures” or “political leaders” as ordinary people or religions have. Since the old forces yang side is with the CCP in China they can only rely on yin energy or “spies” and “cultural subverters” in the west to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners.

My enlightenment might shock some practitioners and it shocked me too at the beginning but the logics is really simple. We didn´t think about the yin side of the old forces and and that´s why they could persecute us so much overseas and it´s about time that we put an end to this cultural subversion which, due to its yin nature, resembles cultural marxism with emphasis on feminism in the human dimension.

The Profile of a CCP Spy

A traitorous rebel against heaven – Queen Christina of Sweden(1626-1689)

Does anyone think that the CCP left the Falun Dafa associations and truth clarification projects alone in the west considering that Falun Dafa is the primary enemy of the CCP? The evil imposed communism around the world using the “black hand” and hidden techniques”, they did the same thing to Dafa – this is my definite understanding. The CCP planted their own people as practitioners around the world – that is certain because there is no other way to interfere with Dafa from the inside.

Which kind of people would they recruit? Only the most hardcore and loyal CCP people who were trained for subversion would be planted among practitioners. They would be required to have a family tree with high level CCP officials among their family members so that the CCP could be assured that they wouldn´t “defect” from the CCP and disclose the CCP´s strategies. From another perspective, the old forces could never accept that such spies would come forward because their whole persecution strategy would then crumble.

These spies or “cultural subverters” must have been trained specifically to subvert groups of people from the inside and they would be very good at “power politics and how to control the group culture, thoughts and emotions of a group of people”. This is a kind of secret knowledge not taught at universities for obvious reasons. It implies how to control people´s minds and affections by low level tricks and detestable tactics of bribery, extortion, playing victim and other means to exploit their human attachments. They manipulate the changes of the yin-yang balance and it´s all based on deception.

These people would come to subvert Falun Dafa groups across the world and they would need to achieve positions of “power” among Falun Dafa practitioners in order to be able to control them and influence them. Typically the agenda of the CCP spies would be the following:

– Achieve a top position as a main coordinator of a country or a media project as soon as possible by intrigues and scheming against any “opponents”. Use practitioners human attachments to gain their political support and full trust.

– Subvert the group slowly and insidiously by establishing a modern marxist-feminist culture in the group making the groups perform poorly in the three things and acting against Master´s Fa in many key aspects such as truth clarification projects, traditional culture, universal values, security, spreading false rumours, giving perks to supporters, centralising power to the main coordinator etc.

– At the same time make everyone believe that the coordinator is a “great high-level practitioner” and all our success is due to her efforts. Create false “Fa truths” that cement their power and make the practitioners get many false understandings of the Fa.

– Establish a strong position of power by recruiting “political supporters” that are rewarded in small ways for supporting the leader by getting “perks” such as a nice title or being invited to a Shen Yun meeting etc.

– Exclude all real opposition to your subversion tactics by slandering the practitioners who are aware and isolate them from the group.

– Make Falun Dafa weak in that country by creating a bad group culture that makes practitioners leave the group because of their disappointment.

– Use the country´s MSM(Mainstream Media) in cooperation with the CCP to say bad things about Falun Dafa and then not defend Dafa against the slander by staying passive and blocking practitioners who want to defend Dafa.


Master said in Hong Yin III:

Yin and Yang Reversed
Yin and yang’s reversal harms the world
Men have no manliness
Indecisive, hesitant, and effeminate

Narrow-minded, they’re worthless wretches
Women are strong and smart
Impetuous, sharp-tongued, and dominating
Not charmingly gentle or elegant
Lovely sirens, they’re whores in secret


I remember very clearly the first time I read this poem in 2012. I knew that it was very important to understand the inner meaning of it and I do believe that I have enlightened to some of its inner meanings. Why would Master call female practitioners “whores in secret”? Or wasn´t it actually female coordinators that He meant?

This is about the yin side of the old forces and in the human world we know that prostitutes sell their bodies for money. In the spiritual sense it´s about selling one´s divine body for money and replace it with karma. Who among practitioners would do such a thing? Only CCP spies. In line with the yin-yang theory of the old forces they must primarily use women outside China and these women keep talking nonsense like sirens in order to replace Master´s Fa with their own rotten stuff which is against Master´s Fa. Examples are feminism, not answering difficult questions, refusing to look inside after something has happened, censoring critical practitioners etc.  They sell their services to the CCP and the effeminate men(men have taken the roles of women) don´t do anything about it as Master mentions at the beginning of the poem.


Safeguarding Falun Dafa

Master said in “Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples” in Essentials for Further Advancement II”:

“A Dafa disciple who fails to achieve the effect of safeguarding and upholding Dafa has no way of reaching Consummation, because your cultivation is different from that of the past and the future. Therein lies the magnificence of a Dafa disciple.”


Given all these things I would like to make a question to Master and my fellow practitioners if it would be a good idea to implement a rule that no practitioners with a CCP family background would be allowed as main coordinators for countries or media projects due to security concerns? These practitioners would not be directly identified as spies and they would instead have ample chances to become ordinary practitioners and help safeguard Falun Dafa from treason at the same time. The CCP could not extort them anymore either because of this rule. Additionally, if male practitioners take over coordinator posts it would also be more in line with traditional culture which is generally positive and that would close another gap that the old forces can exploit among many Falun Dafa groups.

Many Falun Dafa associations and projects seem to ignore Master´s Fa concerning traditional culture despite many warnings during the last few years and isn´t that a huge issue that has been left unspoken for so many years? How come practitioners don´t respect Master´s Fa in this aspect? Isn´t it due to practitioners listening more to coordinators than to Master´s Fa in some aspects? They might claim that they never understood traditional culture and its importance but it seems to me that those practitioners aren´t honest.

Cicero – the Roman sage with superior wisdom


Two thousand years ago the famous Roman statesman Cicero said:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.


Given that treason is the most effective way to destroy any country with a proven history of thousands of years, isn´t it obvious that the CCP has done exactly that? This is based on the fact that all communists or predecessors of communists have done the same thing in every country across the world since ancient times. Let´s be clearheaded and realise that not a single spy among coordinators have yet come out to admit their crimes and nobody has ever told practitioners about having had lucrative offers from the CCP to become a spy – which they rejected. Only this single information is very revealing.


Since 2004 Master has repeatedly warned these spies among Falun Dafa practitioners and He asked them to come forth and disclose what they have done and then become good practitioners. Has this happened? It hasn´t. They are still there trying to “step in two boats” at the same time and not receiving anything but karma in the future.

When we look at some western countries we see a situation with coordinators from high level CCP families and even someone famous from a CCP spy family. These coordinators proudly boast that they come from the “upper class” of China – being brought up in CCP families. They can´t imagine that from a heavenly perspective all truths are inverted.


Summary – Security and Safety for all Beings by Embracing Master´s Fa

With this article I suggest that from now on Falun Dafa coordinators who have grown up in CCP families are excluded from top positions of coordination of countries, big regions or big truth clarification projects on specific grounds of security. If they have acted against Master´s Fa and they don´t support traditional culture fully and instead support their own attachments more, all practitioners have a responsibility to deal with this problem. Practitioners only have one requirement and it´s to accept and follow Master´s Fa at all times. We have no idea if these people are spies or not and it´s much better to use other people as main coordinators as a precautionary action. At the same time we should look inward to check if we have followed the old forces evil script in our group environment and make sure this kind of CCP culture isn´t continued.

In my own country our meeting agendas are watered down and meetings are countless despite Master saying we should only meet once per year nationally. I suggest that every meeting is well prepared with an agenda that always contains the issue of looking inside about whether our group culture goes against the essence of Master´s Fa in any aspect such as how to handle conflicts openly, looking inside when bad things happen, security, traditional culture, universal values, disrespecting Master´s Fa, genuine sharing etc.

I believe it´s not very useful to shut off our mobile phones but I believe it´s much more useful to stop CCP subversion from the inside of Falun Dafa associations. If our meetings would be productive and we asked ourselves every time we started a meeting if there is any “modern, marxist culture which goes against Master´s Fa” in our groups or truth clarification projects I believe that the old forces and the CCP would tremble by fear. Imagine how the old forces would react if they had no chance to persecute overseas practitioners anymore, what would they do?

These coordinators with a CCP background can become ordinary practitioners and I am not out to exclude any living being from Falun Dafa. However, to ensure that we follow Master´s Fa and nothing from the old forces we need to take precautionary steps and help the spies. I enlightened to the fact that to deal with this issue is to help the spies too. It has positive aspects from both sides. There is only the issue of whether the old forces can accept that they loose most of their power to persecute Falun Dafa overseas. Since this idea comes from practitioners rational minds and not from Master or any supernormal visions I believe the old forces will have to accept it. They will try to block the question from reaching Master of course but that sounds incorrect.


All of these understandings are only my personal enlightenments and if I said anything not in line with Fa, please point it out to me.