(Sw)Eden Is the Root of Mankind´s Original Sin – Olof Von Dalin(1708-1763)….

Olof von Dalin was a mysterious great man born in 1708 in the province of Halland, Sweden. Born in a small village called Vinberg, on a hill near the legendary monument of the sage “King Fare”, he showed prodigious talents as a toddler and entered Lund University at the age of 13 – where he was a fellow student of the “Prince of Flowers” – Carl von Linnaeus. After a stint with medicine he then focused his studies on poetry, philosophy and Swedish history.

His great talents were noticed in the capital and he was employed in 1727 as an informer and later became a courtier and nobleman at the royal palace. He is said to be the forefather of the modern Swedish language and the amount of unique materials that he produced is nothing short of astounding. Below a short list of notable achievements by Dalin:

– The Swedish Argus – a bi-weekly magazine written under anonymous name where Dalin points out the way to a virtuous country and the current low moral standard in Sweden. Some of Dalin´s scriptures can be found here in Swedish: Olof Von Dalin scriptures

– Argus is the all-seeing giant that kills Echidna in Greek mythology – the mother of all snakes and “the plague of mankind”. Here Dalin hints at his own superhuman powers in knowing all the dark secrets of Sweden.

– “The History of the Kingdom of Sweden” comprised of three huge volumes. The first one was dedicated to the most ancient and barbarian times of Sweden until the christianisation begun and had 666(!) pages in it. The second part dealt with the centuries under the pope. The third part dealt with the kings and queens until 1609 and also comprised of 666(!) pages.

– Dalin disclosed information that nobody could know without having superhuman powers.

– A shocking claim by Dalin was his statement that the arch of Noah had stranded in Lapland, the most northern part of Sweden.

– Dalin disclosed that Magog was one of the first kings of Sweden. Magog is the demon king who, allied with Gog and people from the whole world, will attack the Lord of Lords during the end times.

– His foundation in 1732 of the aristocratic club for noble exploits called “Awazu och Wallasis” meaning “Open your mouth and empty it” in Finnish language was an indication of things to come later when he opened his mouth and disclosed the terrifying heresies of the Swedish elite.

– The language in the paradise. Dalin points out in his epic work “Språket i paradiset” that Swedish was the language of the garden of Eden – implicitly stating that the original sin of Adam and Eve originated in Sweden with the infamous snake in the Bible called “Lilith” leading them astray. Dalin didn´t dare to talk directly about the historic evils of Sweden because he wanted to be a good and patriotic man and at the same time keep his head on his shoulders. He still risked his life by exposing the evil elite in Sweden and by supporting a return to monarchy.

– Dalin stated that Swedes have a problem of being unhappy with how they were created by God and hence they look to foreigners in order to try to change themselves. Swedes are jealous of each other and greedy so unity can never thrive in Sweden. The end result is that the Swedes become enslaved by foreigners.

– Dalin gives countless examples of how the Swedish people – which he resembles with a castrated stallion – has been suppressed or well treated by different kings and queens.

– The second sage King Odin was the greatest criminal of Swedish history. He immigrated to Sweden from his lost kingdom around the black sea and managed to utterly deceive the naive Swedes into believing that he was a living God. He and his clan took over Sweden and the north of Europe and then introduced barbary to the Swedes which held the whole country in a firm grip for more than a thousand years.

– Dalin once wrote a “Letter to Swedish women” which is nothing short of stunning. He blamed the noble ladies of Sweden to be some of the most sinful women on the planet. A detailed summary of that letter and other statements is found below.

– Dalin pointed out the “chief demon” of Sweden as being a Mrs Lillie, a destroyer of traditional culture. Note her name´s shocking resemblance to the snake Lilith in the garden of Eden. It´s as if Dalin wanted to say that the world demon had come back to haunt Sweden again.


In 1718 the last Swedish King was murdered(most probably by Swedish nobles in a conspiracy) and after that Sweden was organised as a kind of precursor of today´s democracy with two opposing political parties fighting it out and one of them under control by France. Dalin quickly noticed the poor and sinking moral standard in Stockholm and since he also realised the mortal dangers of criticising the nobles of Sweden he created a Magazine that might become a classics of all time in the near future. He published a bi-weekly Magazine called “Thän Swenska Argus” or “The Swedish Argus” if we translate it into English.

This magazine was focused on elevating the virtues of Swedish people by publishing funny stories of virtuous people and also by exposing the demonic people in Stockholm at the court. The magazine immediately became the conversation topic of the Swedish elite and everyone wanted to find out who the author was.

Dalin: top right countess Lillie, center the garden of Eden with snake Lilith, bottom left Echidna the world serpent that Argus kills

The innocent shepherd enchanted by the female flute player at the tree – reference to Eden?

In the third magazine, Argus No 3, he pointed out a woman called Hedvig Catharina Lille. Dalin called her “Fru Kättia Sällskapslik” which means something like “Mrs Heretic Dead Socialite” and he actually never referred to her as a human being but only a living dead piece of meat and full of vices. That woman was particularly evil, she gathered many supporters from the noble class that worshipped her as a kind of unofficial leader of Sweden. She shared a lot of similarities with the equally evil Queen Kristina. Both of them were socialites, both of them had very poor moral standards and both were involved in sexual vices, both of them had contempt for traditional culture and both of them betrayed Sweden(Lillie openly supported the pro French party “The Hats”), and both Kristina and Lillie moved to France and converted to catholicism. People who believe in reincarnation might theorise that Queen Kristina who died in 1689 had returned in 1695 when Lillie was born.

Dalin opposed Lillie because she attracted lots of women from the Swedish elite and they were all interested in following her sinful lifestyle where the men were transformed into some kind of effeminate weaklings. Dalin pointed out many sensational things in his letter to Swedish women:

– Swedish women have usurped power from the men in Sweden(already in 1733) and not only in Sweden but in the whole world.

– Swedish women should listen to Mr Dalin because he is a noble man with good intentions and he only wants Sweden to become a land of virtuous people. He wants to criticise the Swedish women harshly for their vices.

– Dalin contemplates the following ancient statement: If the women are good or bad decides a country´s survival or destruction. He says that he will come back at a later time to investigate the truth of this statement.

– If Swedish women don´t want to change themselves it must be because they dont want to give back the power that they have taken(already taken in the garden of Eden).

– Swedish men are of two kinds. Primitive, evil giants who follow the women to do evil or little, innocent baby boys who are mislead by the women. The poor husband of the evil Mrs Lillie is called “Mr Patience” and “The shot down eagle”. In another story Dalin talks about a royal baby boy being abducted and killed and eaten by an evil witch. All of these things involve deep spiritual things that are not easily deciphered.

– He mentions that Swedish women have a bad habit of snatching power that shines to them and look ugly to others.

– If Swedish women could turn to the virtues again the primitive giant men would be able to get rid of their bad habits too.

– Finally Dalin urges all the noble women of Stockholm to confront Lillie and tell her directly to her face that she is not worthy of their acquaintance anymore.


Other Works about Twisted Male-Female Relations in Sweden

Swedish men have taken over women´s natural occupation


The Good Swedish Woman is Scoffed at but She is Real Gold

In Argus magazine No 40 Dalin makes an ironic story about a Swedish man who is complaining about his traditional wife. She can not speak foreign languages, she doesn´t gossip, she doesn´t use perfume, she doesn´t go strolling, she is disinterested in worldly affairs, she has no desires and helps our sick people and is virtuous in bed.

On the contrary she only wants to do things like farmers´ wives do such as producing clothes and food, taking good care of the home, preferring to stay silent instead of babbling, she is taking good care of sick people, she is pious at church and is not wasting any time on useless occupations etc.

As soon as she sees her husband she guesses what he wants and quickly serves him the thing that he needs. 

This kind of Swedish man is truly miserable to have such a simple and virtuous wife – according to the wicked and modern Swedish women in Stockholm in 1733… 

The summary of issue 40 states that a woman who has learned some posh things usually can´t take good care of their family, husband, household etc and therefore Mr Dalin recommends everyone to cherish simple, virtuous and traditional, Swedish wives with good hearts and less knowledge of modern culture.


In issue 43 of the Argus magazine Dalin makes a bold statement to Swedish men and women:


“Farewell men, you are really not as powerful as you believe. The power is with the women these days and to that mighty crowd of women I voluntarily go as often as my consciousness allows me to be political. It would be a shame, you say, to be under the frail bitches dominion. For sure yes, it´s a shame but it´s still true. You have both the shame and the injury.

Then he continues to Swedish women:

“I will thank you female gender, because you who don´t need to do mental work, who have no wisdom to understand books, no ability to run an office and don´t have to risk your life, blood and property for your fatherland still can mould the male hearts like doughs of wheat into any shape you like.  I can´t believe that I am sitting in an obscure camera: but it seems like the marriages that I see with my eyes mostly walk with heads downwards and feet upwards.”

Dalin means that the female-male balance has been turned upside down in Sweden already in 1733 and Swedish men are a shame to themself and they will have to pay dearly for their weakness.


Summary and Conclusion

To best summarise the whole story of all his writings to Swedish men and women we need to compare the situation that Dalin describes with the current Swedish society. Dalin stated that Swedes hated themselves and wanted to remake themselves(compare with the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve rather wanted to eat the snake fruits than obeying God) with the help of foreigners. Their intense jealousy of each other and their greediness led to the end result which was a divided country enslaved under foreigners. This was a form of punishment for abandoning the divine.


In three hundred years since Dalin´s scriptures Sweden  has gone further and further in the wrong direction to a current extreme state of complete chaos, rampant criminality, self-denial of ethnicity, religion, manhood, womanhood, gender, family and patriotism. There is a refusal of its own government to even admit that there was anything good in Sweden in old times. It has reached the point of complete self hatred and Swedish women are asked to hate swedish men and the whole population is now replaced with young males from foreign countries, primarily muslim countries.

Sweden has been the first country in the world to drive modernist ideas such as:

– The first central bank in 1668
– The first abolition of monarchy in Europe
– Free sex
– Feminism
– Repression of ethnic Swedes
– Mass migration and replacement of local people

Then we have lesbian bishops in Sweden, we have the third gender, we have hatred of the nuclear family and so forth.

After having read quite a few scriptures from Olof von Dalin another truth about original Sweden is formed. Swedish people were originally simple and kindhearted Scythian shepherds that migrated from the black sea to the nordic countries to escape war. They had very simple minds and were easily deceived by evil foreigners because they could not imagine evil things since their minds were not trained to think rationally. The Swedish King Thor came to rule Sweden but as his dark shadow the evil King Magog followed him and also became the king of Sweden.

It´s as if the country of Sweden is always fighting an uphill battle against evil and the reasons are that Swedes are naive and inexperienced in dealing with evil and hence the evil finds that place a good home base. In addition Swedes are jealous of each other and greedy which block any kind of national unity. Swedish women are very interested in taking power from their men and they take interest in the vices as a kind of rebellion against all traditional culture and virtues. Let´s not say that every Swedish woman is like that. Those that are very good women who oppose this evil system are usually suppressed and hated in Sweden.

How about Swedish men? Dalin said that the Swedish people is like a castrated stallion and I would say that in the current Swedish culture they will have a huge problem if they say something not PC(politically correct), no matter whether it concerns support for Swedish culture, feminism, LGBT, mass migration, support for orthodox religion etc.

Someone said that Swedish men live to please women and therefore have tried to become women or effeminate men themselves. Let´s not say whether it´s true or not but nothing is a coincidence and Adam followed Eve´s advice in Eden despite the clear instruction from his Lord to use his wife as a helper and not as his boss. Hence, Adam also betrayed his Lord but seen from another perspective one could argue that Adam looked upon Eve as his mother and not his wife. He is said to have looked at himself as a little boy without wisdom who wanted to be a good son and follow his mother. How could a little boy be blamed for his mother being evil? He can not. There is always two sides of a case and in ancient times it was said by learned men that Adam was not to blame for the treason in Eden.