Taking a Closer Look at (Sw)Eden and the Roots of Modern Culture….

Loki is said to finally suffer punishment under his own serpent


Sweden as a country has been famous all over the world during the time after the second world war and it has been portrayed as a paradise where “folk socialism and feminism” works wonders and all people are living in material prosperity. Sweden didn´t take part in any wars for over 200 years and actually enjoyed material benefits from that. In recent years Sweden has had aspirations of becoming a “humanitarian superpower” by importing millions of people from third world countries, most of whom are not refugees and muslims from the middle east. What is really going on in the Nordic country? On the surface there doesn´t seem to be any other country who

The dark sides of Sweden are perhaps unknown to foreigners and many brainwashed Swedes too but nevertheless they are quite unique. Swedes are the most lonely people on the planet, their fear of conflicts is also unique and modern culture is absolutely dominant and religion is long forgotten. A professor at Stockholm University says about Swedish people´s individualism:

“In Sweden, we are more individualistic and have more rational, secular values than in any other country on earth – in terms of values, we are actually the most extreme country in the world. To say that our values are universal is to project our own wishful thinking on the rest of the world – the values we have in Sweden are very different. Generally speaking, the secular countries in the northwest of Europe are in their own corner of the global cultural map, with Sweden as the most extreme example.”

In addition Swedish people are among the most indebted people in the world due to the house pricing soaring, they are the most atheist people in the world and the Swedish nuclear family has collapsed in recent decades. That means Swedish people mostly live alone or in unstable relationships outside of the ties of marriage. When it comes to Swedish youngsters it is said that approximately half of Sweden´s highschool girls are on antidepressants and obesity is fast growing. There are countless other facts which all state the same thing: Swedish people replaced their God with Government and their government is doing their best to eliminate anything related to traditional culture. People unknowingly worship government instead of God – they will follow their government´s instructions no matter how bad they are. We will get back to the implications of that.


Sweden in history has been said to bear its mysterious name of “Sweden” and “Schweden” in German because of its supposed combination of “Schwer and the word Eden”. (Sw)Eden is the only nation on earth bearing the name of “Eden”. In ancient times it was said that Sweden was the place of the Garden of Eden and Eve in the Garden of Eden has been portrayed as the Nordic Goddess Freya in some paintings. In reality it has been suggested that Sweden is the place of the original sin and if we go by today´s situation Sweden is probably the most “anti-divine” country in the whole western world. Is all of this by coincidence or can the true reasons of the Swedish treason against the divine be found in Swedish history?

“Schwer” means heavy in german and one can easily imagine that schwer means that Sweden is heavy from its extensive sins against the divine – starting with the rebellion against their Lord God in the Garden of Eden. Sins or karma is the same thing and it´s a black murky substance that makes people suffer.

The Swedish government now supports the idea of a “third gender” as the first government in the world. Feminism is rampant in Sweden as well as atheism, materialism, free sex and individualism. It seems as though Swedish people have forgotten why they live life as human beings. At the same time there is a hidden, ancient culture in Sweden with many myths that have shocked the world in films like “Lord of the Ring” etc. Where is the origin of all the darkness coming from in Sweden? Recently they started to discuss cannibalism on national television in Sweden as a way to save the climate. You wouldn´t believe it but it´s true. Anything is possible in Sweden.

Loki is out to deceive people

In Sweden there are countless stories of a trickster God called Loki who ravaged Heaven and deceived countless Gods and Goddesses. In addition Loki got three evil children and the most famous is the Midgard Snake which will encircle the whole earth at the end of times before Thor comes to crush his head with his famous hammer before the onset of Ragnarokkr – the final disaster.

The biblical story of the snake Lilith, Adam and Eve is famous around the whole world. The snake which is called Lilith in creation myths, conspired with Eve and then Eve made Adam follow his wife´s false instructions blindly and they all headed towards disaster because of their joint rebellion against the divine. You could call Adam the first effeminate, modern and weak man who succumbed to the wife rather than standing up for his Lord.

Now we take a look at modern Swedish men – they are in fact the most effeminate men in the world and Swedish feminism is world famous. Not only that – Sweden has now introduced the third gender as the first country in the world. This is a monumental event in the world history and it shows Sweden´s unique position in the world as the prime communist country that rebels against traditional, human culture.

Sweden was the first country to introduce a Central Bank in 1668 and it was bankrupted a few years later as people found out that it had been printing false credit notes on a mass scale without backing it up with real assets. This kind of central bank system doing forgeries by printing credit notes on a mass scale later became the role model of the whole modern world and it is the root cause of our money´s depreciation in modern times.

When the communists plotted to take over Russia from the Russian Tsar, Swedish banks had a central role to help the communists in Russia and Lenin had a Swedish grandmother. Even earlier than that Lenin and Stalin held a communist meeting in Stockholm with the support of Swedish authorities.

Top to bottom: Countess Lillie(De la Gardie after marriage) and Queen Kristina – modern Swedish women

The word “Modern” in Swedish means both “The Mother” and “Modern”. Is it the “mother of modernism” that we find in Sweden? It is said that history repeats itself and if true then we would find all the answers in Swedish history. Two characters that really affected Sweden deeply during the 17th and 18th century were the lesbian queen Kristina and the countess Lillie – who was said to laugh at virtue and who controlled Sweden and all its men from the shadows according to some historical sources.  Queen Kristina is one of the most infamous female rulers in western history and it wasn´t all for good things – she murdered people and scorned God and regarded herself as the highest ruler of the Universe – the Lord God exempted. Interestingly Queen Kristina passed away in 1689 and only a few years later a “Swedish copy” of her returned in the form of Countess Lillie born in 1695.

Olof von Dalin was a great poet who strove for virtue his whole life. He created a famous magazine in Sweden called “The Swedish Argus”  and in it he pointed out countess Lillie as “laughing at virtue”, being an atheist and demoralising all Swedish women. It was highly unusual for this man to directly point out someone as destroying Swedish culture. Kristina and Lillie did the same things – they worked for a foreign power(France), converted to catholicism and lived lavish high lifestyles with the political elite of Europe where they spent huge sums of money on personal enjoyment. Both were said to be deeply involved in modern culture which shocked people at the time.


Sweden has made a unique rebellion against the divine and Loki is said to be a gender changer speaking of the promotion of LGBT questions in Sweden as well as the old Queen Kristina. Loki was originally said to be a fire God and speaking of fire there is a shocking painting of Queen Kristina where she smokes pipa and pulls up her skirt to heat her bottom against fire – this all happened 350 years ago and reveals the deep origins of Sweden´s moral collapse. Not only that, Kristina linked herself to Minerva – the Goddess of wisdom and frequently connected to owls and snakes…

Queen Kristina shows her bottom while smoking pipa

The Forgotten Story of the Snake Lilith in the Garden of (Sw)Eden


The snake Lilith first deceives Eve and then makes Eve deceive Adam

There is a hidden creation myth from judaism and christianity that few modern people know of. We just mentioned the Swedish countess “Lillie”  who controlled Sweden during the 18th century. In fact the name of the snake and demon King in the old testament is “Lilith” – could it be a coincidence or not? Different versions exist with the names of “Lili, Lilit and Lily”. Li-Lith can also be interpreted as “Li-Fire” Now comes another intriguing part.

Loki is said to be an original fire God who turned evil. He is very sly and he is the father of the world snake – the “Midgard Snake” or the “China Snake” since Midgard means “Center of the world” or China. The China snake “Lilith” seems indeed to be the son of Loki and she is predestined to become a world demon king. As we can see today the whole western world is engulfed by modern culture – a culture which leads to chaos, disaster and enslavement as the governments gradually increase their power over their citizens under various excuses. Sweden is the front runner of this kind of modern culture and paradoxically Sweden is now suffering from mass (muslim) migration orchestrated by their own government. People who are opposed to modern culture are not coming to Sweden “en masse”. It seems like anyone can become a Swedish citizen today if they come from a third world country and Swedish people have mostly given up on their own culture or their ethnicity.

If these myths are indeed true and Sweden is related to the creation myths we will find the root evil cause of the western world in Sweden and it matches perfectly the Swedish culture today with its complete rebellion against the divine and everything created by the divine such as traditional culture, religion, respect for elders, family values, patriotism etc.

In Norse mythology it is predestined that Loki will arrive from the east with a boat full of demons at the end of times. It seems like the old Norse prophecy has come true in every aspect seen from a divine perspective. The Lord God has been trampled upon in every aspect for centuries in Sweden and Sweden has inspired many other countries to follow their bad example of implementing a marxist-feminist slave culture where government has become God and God is a concept for fools.

Thor Crushes the Head of the Midgard Snake at End of Times

The next step in Sweden will be very interesting and the question of where “Lilith” or “Lillie”  can be found is indeed intriguing. Has this woman come from China to Sweden to ravage the country a final time? Has she grown her snake body around the whole world? It looks plausible. The next question is who will put an end to her spree of destruction which knows no boundaries.