My Understanding About Consummation..


By a Western practitioner. September 22, 2017.


Like many practitioners, I found myself thinking about the end of the Fa Rectification, the start of the Fa Rectifying the Human World and what this means for practitioners.  I was attached to time and wishing the persecution would end.  Of course, the reason Master has provided more time is for practitioners to complete their missions of saving predestined sentient beings and to reach their final levels.  


Now we are very near the end and Master recently said (To the Fa Conference in France):


“In this final hour of the Fa rectification, cultivate yourselves well and solidly every step of the way and accomplish your mission of saving people. “


When I heard the words “final hour”, I was shaken and realized we are in the final dash to save beings and;


If I don’t meet the standard of Master’s Fa, I should be eliminated


If I meet the standard of Master’s Fa, I will stay as long as Master needs me in this dimension, even forever, to complete whatever tasks Master requires.  This was my vow to Master.


To consummate, I have to complete my mission and cultivation.  The standard for this is the Fa.  The Fa is Master.