My Personal Experience Of An Assistant Spirit In Another Dimension


August 18, 2017 – By A Western Practitioner In North Europe


I would like to share my story about one of my assistant spirits. I decided to submit this story after I met venerable Master during a dream and I told Him about my experience of assistant spirits. This happened when venerable Master´s article about assistant spirits just came out. Venerable Master´s approval of my experience pushed me to write this article.

Past Lifetimes – The Main Spirit Had More Glory Than The Assistant Spirit


Since the beginning of my cultivation I have gradually come to know about many past lifetimes, both lifetimes of my assistant spirit and lifetimes of my main spirit. From what I have learned the lifetimes of my main spirit were generally more glorious than those of my assistant spirits.

Venerable Master wrote:

”Furthermore, it is Dafa disciples’ main bodies at the surface level that have accomplished great achievements and established mighty virtue in history—nothing can change this.” 

(” On the Waves Stirred Up by the Article on the Assistant Spirit”)


My Assistant Spirit Treated My Main Spirit As Its Master


A few years ago I had a vivid experience in my dream when I was in a canteen with several Chinese people. I saw myself as a Chinese guy and there was a young, blonde girl, about 14-15 years old, serving food over a counter. I knew that her food came from our venerable Master and it represented the Fa principles that she had enlightened to. I was inside the Chinese guy´s mind and when he looked at the girl he froze from fear and respect and he had a sudden question in his mind: ”Venerable Master, what happened to you?! Why are you a girl?!” He was shocked and confused. The girl just smiled discretely and kept serving the food while being silent.

Then he had another thought: ”I understand – venerable Master has chosen to become a girl in this lifetime.”.

I woke up and I felt extremely uncomfortable and I had the paramount question in my mind: Why did he call the young girl ”Master”? Has he(and me too since I identified myself with the Chinese guy) gone astray? After one week the enlightenment struck me as lightning: It was my assistant spirit who had met my main spirit and my main spirit was that western girl! My experience was shown from my assistant spirit´s perspective. That assistant spirit is a Chinese Gong Fu spirit and he was in complete shock when he saw  that his Master was a young girl!

What I learned from that experience was that the assistant spirits can respect our main spirit as their Master and I believe the key to make it happen is to raise our xinxing levels to a high enough level which surpasses that of the assistant spirits´origin. At that time it will become our loyal guardian and have great respect for our main spirit.


My Assistant Spirit Suffered Many Hardships And Did Some Mistakes


Venerable Master let me know that this assistant spirit was once General Lu Bu from the Three Kingdoms during the Han dynasty. Lu Bu was disloyal and he had attachments to fighting, to beautiful women and position in that lifetime. In another lifetime Lu Bu´s spirit was a legendary warrior King in North Europe who slayed many enemies and fought endless wars. Once he killed a benign snake in a lake by mistake and incurred the wrath of many Gods. At the end of that lifetime he tragically suicided before his own people. That snake followed him for more than 1000 years looking for payback and it created a lot of trouble for me too when I started cultivation. As soon as I had lust it would come out and attack me. It even wanted a piece of my paradise after I reach consummation. After I got a hint from a fellow practitioner I got rid of my lust and then venerable Master could help me take away the snake.


Raising Xinxing And Eliminating Karma To Rectify Everything


When I started cultivation a fellow practitioner told me that I rested on a mountain of sand, about 40 metres high. The sand was my attachments and under the sand was oily karma that needed to be eliminated by raising xinxing and suffering hardship – my karma was simply enormous. I learned that most of it came from fighting wars and I believe that a lot of it came from my assistant spirits such as Lu Bu´s spirit.

About two years ago I saw my ”sand mountain” in another dimension during meditation – it had shrunk to a pile of sand of perhaps 1.5 meters height and I saw that when I enlightened to new Fa principles some sand was removed and the karma beneath the uncovered sand started to burn while I suffered in the human dimension. The main reason not to burn off the karma quickly in another dimension was my fear of human suffering. As soon as I went back to a comfortable state in my warm bed I put new sand over my karma and extinguished the fire that eliminated my karma. Recently I saw two small piles of sand along a road construction during meditation – each pile reached only as high as my knee. The power of my karma and my attachments are limited now as long as I remain diligent doing the three things. Master said in Zhuan Falun:

“With regard to cultivation insanity, we can say that it definitely does not exist. If someone can produce fire,2 and if it is really like that, I would say that this person is quite awesome.”


I enlightened to a deeper meaning of producing fire – it means tremendous suffering in this human dimension in order to make our karma burn in another dimension and transform it into virtue. It is very easy to say but very hard to do in reality.




My assistant spirit did some bad things in the human world and he had some strong attachments which affected me negatively at the beginning of my cultivation. On the other hand his strength and martial arts skills were excellent and he also suffered much hardship and did some good deeds in the human world. In the end he became my highest assistant spirit and he started to treat my main spirit as his Master and truly respects my main spirit. I believe that our assistant spirits will become very precious to us in the future – provided that we can reach consummation.

The above mentioned enlightenments only represent limited truths at a certain cultivation level. Practitioners must enlighten to their own truths at their respective cultivation levels based on their personal understanding of Dafa. Please point out anything inappropriate.