How Three Fruit Pies Helped Me Improve My Xinxing


August 18, 2017. By A Western European Dafa Practitioner



I work as a high school mathematics teacher in a school with about 30 colleagues. People these days have become complicated and the headmaster of our school has been replaced about seven times in thirteen years. I have only worked in this school for a year and I had no plans to work in this school a year ago. I had just resigned from my previous assignment in another school with the intention of focusing on some of my business projects when the headmaster of this school called me and asked me to come and work in his school. He told me that my previous headmaster had recommended me as a very good teacher and he wanted me to come for an interview immediately. I told him that I believe in predestined relations so I decided to go to the interview.

The following day he offered me a very good deal with only 7 hours of teaching per week with 60% of full time pay and 13 weeks of paid vacation every year. This meant that I could cover my costs with this job and still have time to do my business and Dafa projects. I accepted his offer right away and I told him about cultivation and Dafa. He was very openminded and positive and he told me that he wanted to learn more. I immediately felt that it was my destiny to go there and try to help Master save these precious sentient beings. That commune´s schools are also top ranked in my country so I knew that the people in that place have a lot of virtue.


How I Could Show My Compassion To Others


After working there for some time I realized that the relationships among some colleagues were quite complicated and the headmaster was heavily criticized by some people behind his back. There were also many bad rumors being passed around. After a while I noticed that there was a certain colleague who had an old grandmother who was very good at baking cakes. That colleague brought cakes from her grandmother to the staff many times during our breaks as a gift. That colleague was the most popular of all colleagues and nobody said anything negative about her. There is an old saying which goes: “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and I felt that there was deeper truth to that saying.

During this year I have clarified the truth to many colleagues about the persecution and I have also told some people about Dafa cultivation. I arranged for some of the staff and one of my classes to learn the Falun Dafa exercises once too. However, I always thought about how to validate Dafa better to all of my colleagues by my actions. I felt compassion for them but I was not sure how I could show it in a good way without creating negative effects.

Master said in Zhuan Falun:

“It is difficult to be a model worker nowadays. If you are a model worker, you will be expected to come to work early in the morning and go home late. Others may say sarcastically: since you are good at the job while we are not, why don’t you do all of it? It is difficult to be a good person.”


If you are performing well at your job and get well paid these days you risk attracting jealousy from your colleagues and I felt some jealousy from some colleagues due to my special deal with our boss. It´s actually not easy to do a good deed without attracting some negative thoughts from some colleagues. Master gave me the required wisdom. Just before the summer holiday I had a sudden thought that I should bake some fruit pies and offer cream and ice cream together with the fruit pies for all my colleagues. Usually when my colleagues bring a cake to the workplace it´s because of their birthday or some other personal celebration. My purpose was to offer my colleagues the fruit pies as an appreciation of their hard work during the last year.

I went out to buy ingredients of good quality and I used many kinds of fruits so that the pies would be both healthy and delicious. It took me a few hours to finish the pies and I tried to use my full heart and care about details when making them. Miraculously they all had a perfect look without any burn from the oven. The following day my colleagues came to our dining room during the break and someone asked me if it was my birthday. I told her that it was not and others were surprised and they told me that I was very kindhearted of me to offer these nice fruit pies. One colleague told me that my pie tasted like something from heaven and others praised me so much that I could only blush. Some others asked me how I had made them. There was some pie left over in the end and I gave some of it to my parents who were also very grateful.


A New Level Of Fa Understanding


When I drove back home I felt very tranquil, comfortable and warm in my heart and I decided to listen to Master´s Fa. Usually I have a similar understanding when I listen to the Fa but this time my understanding of the Fa was all changed. It was really a new level of understanding. During the following days I could see changes in my cultivation level and my third eye became much clearer. I enlightened to the fact that my three fruit pies had changed my colleagues´ perception of me as a person and of Dafa and I could improve my xinxing by harmonizing many conflicts in one shot.

I realized that my colleagues knowing sides understood that I care about them, that I want to help Master save them and that I try to be a good and generous person in line with Dafa´s requirements. When you input a little of your own time and money and offer people something from your heart without asking for anything in return I believe it can really touch many people´s hearts. There is no negative side effect for the others in receiving a fruit pie and then their negative side has little chance to interfere with their minds.  Dafa is not empty words and we can validate Dafa with simple, benevolent actions from our hearts.




Ordinary people don´t want to offer anything or do anything for others because of their attachment to self which include attachments to money, jealousy and comfort. But after having received something from another person they feel grateful to that person in their hearts and they won´t easily have negative thoughts about that person. As an ordinary person you don´t need to care much about what others think about you but as a Falun Dafa practitioner during the Fa rectification period I feel that it´s extremely important to try and make the others have positive thoughts about us.

Before obtaining the Fa I could never imagine doing something for others from my heart out of benevolence. With this simple story I want to share how I experienced the power of showing a little bit benevolence to my colleagues from my heart. I spend so much time with my colleagues every week so how can I not try my very best to help Master save them by making them like me and Falun Dafa?

I have no words to express my gratitude to benevolent Master for the complete turnaround of my human and spiritual life.


My enlightenments are only truths at limited levels. Only the Fa can offer guidance at all the different levels. Please point out anything inappropriate.